It’s been one helluva ride and 2014 has been kind to us. With your help, Zerothreetwo reached all sorts of milestones. We’d like to point out that none of it would be possible without you.


Advance Happy New Year!!

We said we were gonna take a break on the blog posts, but we just wanted to sneak this one in. Below is the list of posts that got the most traffic for 2014. As you might expect, there was plenty of food involved. Seems to me that you really like to eat.

Just in case you missed any of these posts, you can browse through them below.

10 Favorite Cebu Restaurants For 2013

It’s no surprise that one of the very first posts of 2014 got the most traffic. Ever since we started sharing our favorite restaurants, these posts have received tons of traffic. So much in fact that this one page is responsible for 10% of all Zerothreetwo traffic. Not bad for a quick list… oh… and thank you Google.

32 Ways you know you grew up in Cebu

I remember when this post blew up. People were posting about it and weighing in. If you ask me, the best stuff happened in the comments section of this post. With about a hundred comments, there’s a lot more than 32 ways you know you grew up in Cebu.

10 Buffet Restaurants in Cebu

Notice a pattern here? Cebu loves to eat. Apparently, Cebu loves to eat buffets. There were a few complainers that we didn’t include the price, but the price tends to change. Go through the list and give them a call. Find out for yourself. Tell them we sent you.

coffee in cebu

10 Boutique Cafes You Should Try in Cebu

Trying to steer clear of the usual coffee shops? Give this bunch a try. Some you will love and some you might even hate. Personally, I just want decent regular no frills coffee, good comfortable ergonomic seats and a reliable internet connection. If a cafe has any of those, then I’m good.

The Cebuano Guide of What to Wear for Sinulog

Sinulog is right around the corner, Before you know it, it’s going to be knocking on your door and begging you to come out and play. The post idea came about when a few relatives from Manila were asking about Sinulog. Curiously, the topic turned to what to wear and it wasn’t purely for aesthetic purposes. There were legitimate concerns like safety and coolness.

PS – You can order the Zerothreetwo Sinulog 2015 shirts, click here.

30 Random Beautiful Photographs From Filipinos

We’re definitely going to come up with more photo posts in 2015. There’s more to photography than just the selfie. Try pointing that camera towards something else, you might see your photos on our pages one of these days. And who can’t resist good photos plastered all over their browser?

Searching for Duz Grill

There were a few surprising posts that came out big for 2014. Like this one – as it was posted in 2013. People still must be craving and searching for Duz Grill. We can’t blame them. Sometimes all we need is straight to the point good food and nothing else. Duz delivers every time.

bucket shrimpsBucket of Joy at Bucket Shrimps

This place is a guilty pleasure of mine. There are times when you need to throw away the spoon and fork, get oil and sauce lathered all over your hands and go directly hand to mouth. Literally, hand to mouth. I heard Bucket Shrimps just opened a new branch in Salinas Drive right across IT Park. I’m gonna give it a try.

8 Restaurants to go for Valentines

I would be willing to bet that this post ranked so high in this list because there were boyfriends panic searching for places to bring their girlfriends to for Valentines. Sorry about this one guys. This is a really really really old post. I don’t even know if the data is still correct. We’ll make an updated version next year. We didn’t even mention restaurants like Tavolata, Delice and The Pink Restaurant because they didn’t exist yet. Crazy how much time has passed.

Superb Dining at Café Sarree

Lastly but not leastly, Cafe Sarree serves good food with a solid dining experience. It seems like plenty of people agree. Older posts like these tend to show up high on our list because people are Googling for the restaurant. You should know when we reviewed this cafe, they didn’t have their Ayala branch yet. More branches mean more good eats.

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