Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With only a few days left, my social media feeds are flooded either by early couple celebrations or humorous rants that the 14th of February doesn’t exist in the calendar since it’s a leap year! It’s amusing how everyone makes a big deal out of this day. There’s always heavy traffic on Valentine’s which means many people take this day seriously!

In lieu of the celebration of love day, I finally decided to put this story to writing. I have wanted to write about this for a long time, mainly to express my thoughts on the concept of forever, especially since we can expect proposals to be made this Valentine’s with the #mayforever trending everywhere.

My concept of forever was typical. Forever meant being the traditional girlfriend/boyfriend for years, the guy proposes romantically, they get married in a church or at the beach and live happy ever after.  However, when you get hurt, your perspective on forever becomes jaded. Although, this is a normal response to a torturous event in life, it’s also true that there’s a rainbow after the rain.  We just have to learn to appreciate the rainbow that we have and understand that forever isn’t always about “happily ever after”.

Not so long ago, I met a man who changed my concept of forever. Aside from the fact that he was tall and handsome as hell, he was undeniably intelligent. I am a sapiosexual. The sexiest traits a man can possess are intelligence, wit and humor. On one occasion, I randomly asked him what he thinks of forever. He laughed! Of course, I was expecting that response from a man! I even felt stupid for asking such question but what he said next truly made sense.

According to him, our society is obsessed with the idea that forever is infinity. In literal terms it is but he said in love, forever has to focus on two things;

(1) Celebrating today.
(2) Enjoying the quality of your feelings.

He said many people get married and stay married for a long time and think that this is forever, but they are always rushing because of different responsibilities. Sometimes, they forget to enjoy the present and fail to examine the quality of their feelings or love they have for each other or the quality of their bond. Thus leading to arguments, infidelity, etc… He went on to say that even if we part ways, it doesn’t really mean that what we have was something not of forever material. He looked at me seriously and said,

“You have to stop stressing about infinity. Live for today. Nobody lives forever.”

I’m the type of person who is usually up for a debate, but in this instance, all I could say was, yes, you are right. This is based on personal opinions so I do understand if people think differently but regardless of how you see forever, it’s more important that we live for moments that take our breath away. These are the moments that will last forever because you never know what happens in the future.

If you ask me about Valentine’s Day plans, I’m probably dateless but definitely not loveless! Cheers to living a life full of love and believing in forever!

Note: I would have loved to put a photo of this man but he is very particular with his online privacy so I hope you like this sunset photo instead. =)




Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. See her adventures at her website.

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