You know what Cebu hasn’t had lately? A proper rock concert. It’s about damn time someone spent the sweat equity to have a good old fashioned rock show. Let’s not let this go to waste.

The guys from Drop Decay are baring their souls for their Generation Album Launch. And they brought Foc Fashion, Haymaker, Dymphna and 3 Legged Men to help them along the way. All this is happening July 4, 2015 at the Little Theater Events Hall at 5pm.

We had a short interview with Drop Decay frontman, Tony Alfonso, to tell you all about it.

Zerothreetwo: How long has Drop Decay been a band? 

Tony: The band has been around since 2010, I think? With just me (Tony) and Vince (lead guitarist) as the founding members. We’ve been friends for the longest time, since 6th grade and have had quite a struggle finding stable members until we entered college- where we met Kenneth (bass) and Chad (drums) who both fit in pretty well.

Tony Alfonso- Vocals/guitars (@TonyDropDecay)

Vince Lucero- Lead guitars (@VinceDropDecay)

Chad Nimor- Drums (@ChadDropDecay)

Kenneth Dagatan – Bass (@KennDropDecay)

Twitter: @DropDecayPH

Instagram: @DropDecay


What’s the motivation for organizing the launch in this way?

I guess in some way, we have always been the type of band to try and make a conscious effort to do something different or special. We could’ve easily tied up with a local venue/bar for this launch, and saved ourselves the hassle of doing our own production work, but we didn’t. I guess it’s a way for us to gauge how far people would actually go/pay to see us play live. There could be 5-10 people at our show, for all we care – but at the end of the day, at least we’d know that these people actually came for us, with no other agendas in mind. Whatever the scenario, I believe this experience would definitely turn out to become a defining chapter in our “career” as young musicians.

Have you noticed a difference with the music scene now compared to before?

You know, sometimes I wonder what it’d be like if we broke into the scene maybe 5-8 years ago, we’d probably still be the same losers we are today. In all seriousness though, I think it’s clear that people then were more appreciative of local music; take it with a grain of salt. The capabilities of the internet were not as limitless as they are today, which made it way harder for people to discover and connect with local artists and quite frankly, people don’t necessarily have to “earn” an album anymore – everything is spoon fed, and literally available in the palm of your hands. And though things have been made way easier, I somehow feel like that sort of magic between artist and listener has been lost over the years – maybe even taken for granted. Which is why I think that a lot of bands like us should definitely put more value into ourselves and maybe start doing our own shows even at the risk of being called bagag nawng or feeler. Hahaha

What can we expect to hear in the album?

What we wanted to do with the album, Generation was to really look into each of our own musical influences and dissect it into something that could easily resonate with the average listener. Amazingly enough, we ended up with a bunch of songs that you could say resemble a lot of the stuff we grew up listening to. So it’s pretty much an ode to our formative years as teenage musicians; emotional, young, confused, kids against the world – and I think it’s that sort of nostalgia we want to instill into everyone listening to this record. At the same time, it was almost a personal reflection towards our current generation and the trends that have surrounded it in recent years. I guess the overall lyrical theme of our album, is to always remember to be yourself, do what you love, even if it makes you weird or different – no matter what people think and say, and fvck everything else.

In a nutshell, there is a lot of the good ol’ early 2000’s pop punk influenced songs with a hint of our very own flavors.

drop decay generationWhy should people go to the album launch?

Because it might just renew your faith in the music scene and, I mean seriously, when was the last time this town had a “show”? We have a lot of our friends from Dymphna, Haymaker, 3 Legged Men, and Foc Fashion on board, so it’s guaranteed to be a good time! We are also raffling a pair of Nike SB Nanos from Common Ground and shirts from you guys, Zerothreetwo, as well!

What can we expect in the launch?

Expect to see all the bands on the lineup to be right where they deserve to be- staged, lighted, and heard loudly. 🙂

I assume people will be able to get a copy of the album in the launch. Where else can people go to get a copy of the album?

The album will officially be available online on the 24th of July and you should be able to get it on iTunes or CdBaby then. If you don’t have a credit card, you can always message us at or for copies!

The Generation Album Launch is happening on July 4, 2015 at the Little Theater Events Hall at 5pm.

Here’s a few more reasons to visit:

– Instead of paying 150 pesos for entrance, you can bring three toys at the gate to get free entrance,

– The Nick Automatic x Drop Decay shirt  will be available at the venue. Buy the shirt and get in for free.

– There will be a raffle for Nike SB Nanos and Zerothreetwo shirts.

– Listen to good music. Really this is all the reasons you need.

drop decay generation gig

nick automatic x drop decay shirt (1)

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