An assembly is defined as a coming together of a number of persons, usually for a particular purpose. That, dear friends, is exactly what ZEROTHREETWO.COM accomplished last Thursday at The Outpost when we gave you The Assembly.

On February 24, 2011, we organized a gathering of musicians, poets, artists, retailers, designers, and friends for the sole purpose of unity. There are countless creatives in Cebu who are in need of an avenue to showcase their talents whether in the form of art, fashion, or music. So what we did was put together a party bazaar where all of this could happen while everyone has a heck of a great time.

Music, booze, friends, and some shopping. Seriously, how much better does it get than that?

Here’s a rundown of everyone who came over to become a part of The Assembly.

Flynfish – A regular at The Outpost, Flynfish sells a wide variety of handcrafted and truly unique accessories that appeal to both guys and gals.

Anthill – As mentioned in a previous article, this social enterprise reaches out to ensure that the Filipinos creativity is preserved. They are a beacon for rural and indigenous communities as well as a retailer of imported cloths.

Ecoside Co. – With a strong understanding and appreciation for the world we live in, this clothing company aims to raise awareness about the state of the earth.

Black Fish – Rejoice! Sneakers need not be boring and common anymore! These artists can personalize your kicks with just about any form of artwork you want.

February Clothing – These skaters are the real friggin’ deal. But aside from skating, they also appreciate the idea of good and comfortable clothing.

ADEV – These guys have what all you guitar heroes need. Customized effects pedals. That’s right, you know you want at least one.

Markov Clothing – Sharing the same love for Cebu, Markov offers a great selection of shirts that highlight the awesomity of this city. Yes, awesomity!!

The Antiquity – Creating a new trend in the local shirt industry, this recently started brand has come up with some really original shirt designs.

Sugar Bearries – This female duo has, without a doubt, a great eye for all types of pretty things. Toys, accessories, and make-up kits they’ve got it all!

Bomba! Records – Put simply, these guys bring it! Armed with a collection of CD’s, poems, and artwork this collective puts the BAZA! in bazaar.

The stellar music was provided to everyone by the ever-enigmatic Carlo Pez as well as our dear friend Mark Cortes, while Eric Tuban and the rest of The Nomads supplied some poetry. Plus, Ral and Riz of the Walkie-Talkies were kind enough to grace us with a great impromptu set. Oh yeah!

All in all, the night was a great success! We hope you all had a great time and we wish you’d continue to support us as The Assembly gets bigger and better in the future. Much love!

**Keep posted for The Assembly coming in March!!

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