ZEROTHREETWO celebrated the Assembly at the Outpost again!

We’d like to thank everyone who has graced the Assembly with their presence; brands, bands, and buyers! Without you guys, it wouldn’t have been as successful as it was! The Assembly has always been about promoting Cebuano entrepreneurs. We got to hang with a lot of Cebu’s top clothing brands. There was a lot of discussion on the state of the independent clothing scene in Cebu and we asked them what they thought the next step should be for The Assembly. There were a lot of suggestions and we are gonna consider our options. In the meantime, we need to take a short break to rest, relax and meditate. We need to figure out what’s next.

Thanks again to this month’s sellers!

Cerdo Clothing – One of our staunchest supporters! They’ve shown that the Assembly is about community and support. Check them out in the Meet Up Station – you can get a lot of great shirt brands here as well.

Hareld and Gumer – The Cebu music scene’s clothing brand! Check them out and get the codes for free Cebuano music in

Fly Fish – Our favorite tribal seller! He’s been forever busy crafting the best trinkets for your tribal wear. Stay tuned to check out the Fly Fish and ZeroThreeTwo collab soon!

Rhipstop – This is one of Cebu’s premier shirt brands! They have long supported the local skateboarding scene and have expanded to hosting Cebu’s best parties!

Ecoside Co. – They were here representing the surfing scene in Cebu! This  video clearly shows what these guys are about.

All of the sellers got giveaways care of GT & Me. A proud and loud Cebu health and beauty brand! Big thanks to Happy Days and Sunday Sunday who played for us in the Outpost! Also a shout out to willing (or is it unwilling?) open mic performer Carlo Pez!

Again, Thanks everyone for making The Assembly a success. We are thankful for the support and glad you guys believe in what we are doing. Here’s to the next step.


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