*UPDATE: We continue to add new brands in The Assembly. Here are the brands available as of March 2015: Zerothreetwo, Aframe Clothing, Loudbasstard, Thimblecap, Lilila Primitive Art, Kameleonz, Enjoy, Markov Clothing, Glassy, Leah’s Loombands, Fine Upgrades and Gadgets Distribution, Idiosyncratic Crafts and Sexyboys.

We finally did it!

You can now buy all your urban essentials at The Assembly in JY Square. We at ZeroThreeTwo finally opened our first official store! 

When we first started selling online at The Assembly, many started ordering our stuff online. But we would still received the occasional email asking where our physical store was.

After a few more emails like that, we decided that was the last straw.

That’s when we put the plan in motion for an honest to goodness store where people can actually touch our wares.

Today, you will be able to visit The Assembly in JY Square. You can fit the Aframe Optics, listen to the Loudbasstards, try out the ZeroThreeTwo shirts and feel the comfort of iFeet.

The assembly products

Everything purchased from The Assembly helps ZeroThreeTwo continue providing all the good stuff you know and love. You will find many other brands in the store as well. Many of them are locally based and are true products of love, sweat and tears.

We support local entrepreneurs.

All you need to do is visit The Assembly in JY Square, Lahug. The store is in between LBC and Watsons. Right in front of Chains.

Here’s what you can expect from The Assembly.

We’ll be adding even more stuff as we speak. In a few days, we’re going to be getting all sorts of cool stuff. Expect cute items from Thimblecap. Psychedelic socks from Go Rage. Surprise items from Lilila Primitive Art.

And that’s just the start.

We’re looking forward to partnering with even more brands that match the ZeroThreeTwo thrust. Before you know it, our little stall will be packed with all sorts of cool stuff.

We are excited.

You can even expect more products from ZeroThreeTwo. We’re slowly branching out with more products. Expect caps, wallets, shade holder thingies and much more.

To recap, follow these steps:

  1. Visit The Assembly by ZeroThreeTwo in JY Square.
  2. Browse through our stuff and support what we do.
  3. Say hi to our sales girl. Be nice!
  4. Buy something… PS – you get a discount on ZeroThreeTwo items if you take a selfie in the store and #032theAssembly on Instagram.
  5. Tell your friends.

We hope to see your posts on Instagram.

Much love from ZeroThreeTwo.


zerothreetwo stickers

We usually have ZeroThreeTwo stickers in the stall. Want one? Just ask!

loudbasstard iphone case the assembly jy lahug cebu

One of the few places you can buy the Loudbasstard iPhone wood case. Grab’em while they are hot.

Aframe caps

How can you not love a cap that says for fun and freedom?

ZeroThreeTwo shirts in JY Square The Assembly

Try out the ZeroThreeTwo shirts! You can get a discount on this if you share a selfie of you and the shirt at #032theAssembly on Instagram.

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