Introducing the ten lovely candidates of Miss UP 2015. With a legacy that includes former Miss Cebu winners like Cheriemel Diane Muego (2014) and Wynonah Van Joy C. Buot (2015), the ladies in this pageant have big shoes to fill.

For Women’s Month 2015, the pageant launched a photo campaign with empowering statements. The campaign is meant to remind everyone that women should be honored, valued and respected like the strong women in Philippine history. You can vote in the Miss UP Cebu Facebook by liking the photo of the candidate with your ideal advocacy.

 Here are the ladies of Miss UP Cebu 2015:


Candidate 1  Gia Dayle Mayola

“Women are not the weaker sex.”

Candidate no. 1- Gia Dayle Mayola

 Candidate 2 Hanna Lois Tidalgo

“Being a woman means that in your heart lies the power to be the catalyst for change our nation needs and to be the inspiration the next generation sees.”

Candidate no. 2- Hanna Lois Tidalgo

 Candidate 3 Donna Ross Saycon

“Women are the world’s reminder of power and responsibility; if you want to change an entire generation then be one of them.”

Candidate no. 3- Donna Ross Saycon

Candidate 4 Angelica Doyon

“Women are the hope, the bearers, to a better generation.”

Candidate no. 4- Angelica Doyon

Candidate 5 Lira Princess Cadorna

“Women are the cradle where love blooms and dreams grow.”

Candidate no. 5- Lira Princess Cadorna

Candidate 6 Kaye Zyllah Mae Camannong
“Women are empowering individuals in the society.”

Candidate no. 6- Kaye Zyllah Mae Camannong

Candidate 7 Trisha Maie Apa-ap

“Women are symbols of hope in this nation.”

Candidate no. 7- Trisha Maie Apa-ap

Candidate 8 Heshvan Janin Sabequil

“Women are like roses, beautiful and calm, but are willing to draw blood in defense. #fighter “

Candidate no. 8- Heshvan Janin Sabequil

Candidate 9 Faith Mary Mae Guzman

“Women are seeds, no matter how many times you bury us, we will still grow and bloom with beauty.”

Candidate no. 9- Faith Mary Mae Guzman

Candidate 10 Ilene Astrid De Vera

“Women are created equally as men but their worth is far more than we can imagine.”

Candidate no. 10- Ilene Astrid De Vera

Watch these lovely candidates show their grace and intelligence on the Pre-Pageant Night on April 14 at Ayala Activity Center, 6pm. Pageant Night is on April 16 at Capitol Social Hall, 7pm


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