You don’t realize how much goes into making a short film until you try producing one. I have so much respect for people who make movies. Every film day is literally a series of small miracles. There are so many aspects that are out of your control and they all have to come together. It doesn’t take much to throw a monkey wrench into a film day. Producing something good may as well be an act of god.

I got a taste of this with our short film called Why We Love This Town. A surprising amount of work goes into making a minute long short. You need to come up with a story, find someone to shoot the whole thing, find actors, get the locations ready, sort out what they’ll wear, pray the weather cooperates and a whole bunch of other things.

Why go through all the trouble?

It’s our little love letter to a city we adore. Zerothreetwo is all about sharing everything we love about Cebu. This was an opportunity to show that.

This wouldn’t be possible without the crew who made this possible. Here’s a tip, when choosing people to work with, keep these two things in mind: First make sure you enjoy their company, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Second, choose people you trust. You need to trust their work ethic, their sensibility and their vision. If you can align those things, then the end product will sort itself out.

First we worked with the very talented and professional group from DreamLine Productions. This was a no brainer decision for many reasons. When you get a chance to work with a crew that regularly handles international clients, you can bet on quality output. They were also responsible for shooting our Cebu skate documentary called Old School: a documentary on Cebu’s Skateboarders. And they have experience with full length films. They did a wonderful job as the production crew for a Cinema One Original, My Paranormal Romance.

Check out their show reel:


If you are looking for a video production company, you don’t need to look far. DreamLine Productions is more than capable of the job. Many thanks to crew; Mikio Makino Jr. (producer), Clanch Dave Belleza (Director), Melde Montanez (Director of Photography) and Misaki Sugihara (Production Assistant).

We were lucky to have Carla Herrera on board. Her no-drama-not-a-diva attitude was infectious. You could tell the whole crew enjoyed her company. She turned out to be the perfect person for the role. Not only was she a true blue Cebuana, but she was game with what we wanted to do. No complaints about the 3am call times, the jogging on the Cansaga Bay Bridge and the long days. Thanks for being part of the crazy Carla!

Carla Herrera


Lastly, special thanks to the folks at Papa Kits Fishing Lagoon, Qube Gallery and Kidlat for allowing us to shoot in your premises.

Below you’ll find more behind the scenes photos of what went on during our shoot. We hope to do more of this in the future. If there are any video ideas you would like to pitch, we would love to hear it.





Carlo Villarica

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