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If you look at the ZeroThreeTwo about page, you’ll notice we have these words in big bold letters.

Tell Stories.

Be Human.

Be Brave.

This is what you might call our Mission Statement.

Funny story how that came about. After deciding that we wanted to make a website featuring Cebu, we did a lot of preliminary work. We figured out a name for the site (we came up with plenty of crazy bad names). We wrote a few articles to start with. We talked about the design, the feel, the content, the tone. We talked about everything. Then our good friend Jeremie was tasked to create the site. ZeroThreeTwo was born in his computer.

A few days before the launch, we were in his house setting up the website when we noticed a piece of paper stuck on the ceiling of his room. It had the words; Tell Stories. Be Human. Be Brave. Naturally, we asked him about it. He replied, in his usual vague way, that it was something he read or… whatever. Regardless, we thought it would be really cool to include it in the site somehow. Little did we know that it would be THE guiding principle of ZeroThreeTwo.

As much as possible, ZeroThreeTwo strives to do all three. Hopefully, we’ve been able to do that. You deserve it. You don’t deserve a mindless robot talking nonsense out of it’s ass. 

PS – Also we decided to make them into shirts coz… you know… it’s cool… and Doyle See (he’s cool too – check out his brand, Killapinas) thought it would be a good idea. Whatever Doyle says we do. That’s how he rolls.

You can get the shirt in Cebu’s Online Store – The Assembly, click here

Or you can pick it up in Hip Street in Ayala Active Zone. 

Model: Stephanie Senires
Photographer: Carlo Villarica
Set Design: Pan Day

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