Tech gadgets have always been and will ALWAYS be one of our favorite addictions. The latest cellphones, mp3 players, computers, and TVs will always have a special place in our hearts and in our wallets. But with the crap-load of tech stuff being churned out of factories every second, it’s getting difficult to identify which ones are worth not eating for and which ones are not even worth eating… you get my point!

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Enter: Tech Island.  Tech Island is the brain child of fellow tech addict and host of the show, Ryan Yu. Now in it’s second iteration, Tech Island (formerly ARCTECH-TV) is a tech show that was specifically made for RCTV 36. You can catch their shows on RCTV (Channel 36 on SKY Cable) or on their site

The goal of the show is to inform Cebuanos and the rest of the world the how the right kind of technology can improve our everyday living  as well as make tasks easier for us to accomplish. They aren’t just pretty shiny things, they can actually help us! Hehe

A few words from Ryan Yu himself:

032: What made you start [Tech Island] and how?
Ryan:It all started when a friend of mine, Mr. Kerwin Go, had the idea of starting a TV show for a channel he just started, RCTV Channel 36. At first it was named ARCTECH-TV patterned after the famous tech show back then called TECH-TV and the name of my shop was also ARCTECH. Its goal was to explain to people our products and maybe sell them after. After the first year (Season), I decided to change the concept of the show, hence, Tech Island was born.

032: How do you keep updated on the latest tech news?
Ryan:I do my research online. Tech is sort of like cigarettes to me. I am addicted. So everyday, I scan the whole wide interweb for the latest and the greatest gadgets.

032: What do you think about the “techy-ness” of Cebuanos?
Ryan: Everybody wants to be a techy, a lot of people are very good at it, others want to be, but don’t know how. It’s not just about buying a gadget and flaunting it to the rest of the world, but it’s about how that piece of technology can change the way you live your life.

Top 10 tech toys to look out for in 2011 (as of 5/28/11)
1.) iPad 2 (Just released)
2.) iPhone 5 (December?)
3.) Lunatik (iPad Nano 6th Gen Watch Strap)
4.) Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth Headset
5.) Amazon Kindle
6.) Blackberry Playbook
7.) Google Nexus S
8.) Acers Laptop Tablet
9.) Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Station Smart Phone
10.) Nintendo 3DS

Here’s the latest vid from their YouTube channel:
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