It’s not every day you get to have a quick chat with a founder of an iOS app. It’s even rarer when he happens to be a big celebrity like Slater Young.

The app in question is KLIK – Selfie Chat with Friends and Matches. It  allows you to chat with people by adding selfies to your messages.

“When texting is too stiff and video calling is too much, say it with selfies.”

Not only did we discover a cool new app, but we also figured out how to talk directly to Slater Young. You can too. Find out in the interview below.

032: How did you come up with the idea of Klik?

Slater: KLIK started when me and my friends were talking about fakers/posers online. We pitched around solutions to the problem – hence selfie chat. So we built KLIK initially to solve the faker problem, but we found out that our users were using the chat more of a way to communicate with existing friends and family rather than to meet new people. We hit a sweet spot between texting and video calling. We are now changing KLIK to be centered towards chatting (we will be adding features like group chats).

Who is part of the team?

I basically did the initial concept, wire framing and UI. I have one partner in Manila, Stephen Ku who is in marketing and branding. We hired developers from Cebu – Royce Albert Dy and Val Villar.

What are the goals of Klik?

We just started getting feedback from customers and the future looks very promising. Although it’s very useful for Filipinos with friends and families abroad, We hope KLIK will be an internationally recognised chatting solution. We will be launching an Android version soon as well.

Klik screen shotI read somewhere that you chat with many of the users on the app. Is that true? Because of your celebrity status, there must be hundreds of messages, how do you keep track?

Yes, I chat and reply to anyone who adds me up (as of today, I have 950 friends on KLIK). I answer them personally one by one. This is also our means of learning from our users as well as me communicating with my fans.

What challenges have you faced when making the app?

The biggest challenge is taking the 1st big step, especially because I had zero background on tech start-ups. I devoured dozens of tech books and talked with other developer to get started.

When will the Android version be out?

Hopefully within 1-2 months together with a big update for the iOS.

Obviously, you are known for being a celebrity. Did you always have an interest in the technology market? 

I’m more of a fan of the entrepreneurial side of tech – being able to create something new. Being a celebrity makes it a bit easier to market the product, but in the end it still boils down to having a good solid product that people come back to.

Do you have a plan for customer acquisition? 

Our initial launch was just to test market acceptance, but now that we’ve seen good responses, we’ll be doing more marketing once the Android version is out.

As of today (October 2014), how many active users so far? 

We have 4,000+users and over 22,000 messages (and selfies) sent – that’s for iOS only.

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