Everyone wants to have a dog. No, scratch that- everyone thinks they want to have a dog. How hard could it be to keep a cuddly pet, right? Turns out that a furry four-legged baby is not a walk in the (dog) park. Here are a few things I realized when my family welcomed our first canine.

  1. Puppies are cute but…

They poop, pee and tend to chew everything in their path. It should be obvious, but don’t be distracted by the puppy’s cuteness. You could get frustrated from having to clean up the puppy’s mess every time. So before getting a furry friend, one should be prepared to pick up, wipe and eventually toilet train.

  1. Having a puppy is like having a kid

No kidding. Dogs are like infinite toddlers. There’s a food bowl to fill, vaccines to be had and baths to be taken. And you have to do this until, well, forever. It is a bit tiring, but worth the love and loyalty that you get in return.

*Editors’ note: Wait till you have a real kid. :p

  1. You can’t download tricks

Why am I not Cesar Milan? Why are you not sitting when I tell you to sit? Doggie, palihug, utang buot– fetch! Dogs on TV make it look easy, but training takes consistency and patience. You have to repeat the same thing, every day until classical conditioning does its job. It can get frustrating at first but when that dog finally fetches that ball, you’d feel like the best pet parent in the world.

  1. Food is tricky

Newbie pet owners think that they can just feed their dogs leftovers. However, it turns out that there’s a lot of stuff dogs shouldn’t eat- like chocolate and onions, which could be fatal. Always know what to feed your dogs. We found this website to be pretty reliable in giving quick answers about what we can and can’t feed our pets.

  1. You’re actually shopping for dog things now

We found ourselves frequenting the pet supplies aisle in the grocery more often. Turns out there are a lot of dog shampoos, soaps, chew toys, and other merch to be had. “Oooh, my dog would love this bone-shaped chew toy!” is something we say to ourselves now, even if the dog doesn’t care.


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  1. Your sick dog will tear your heart and wallet up

I never understood why pet owners would cry over their dogs. But when our puppy got parvo, I ended up crying a river at the vet! It’s really heartbreaking to see your pet in sick condition, because they are such loving and energetic companions. Lesson learned: prevention is always better than the cure. Get those shots! They may be pricey but an inpatient stay at the vet can break your piggy bank.

  1. Dogs are loving

Dogs really are affectionate. They follow you around the house, they get excited with tennis balls, protect your from strangers and trip over themselves when they see you after a long day. If that’s not love I don’t know what it is

  1. Cebu needs more parks and open spaces for our furry friends!

There are lots of dog lovers in Cebu, but we don’t have a legit dog park yet. Wouldn’t we love a place where pets can get together and play? Safer sidewalks would be great as well- so please stop parking in sidewalks. We’re thankful for Parkmall who allows us to bring our furry friends within their grounds. More parks and safe open spaces please! 🙂



Kristiana Rule

Your average not-so-teenage working class heroine. An island girl lost in the Queen City of the South. Make sure to visit her blog and say hi.

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