The word evokes plenty of feelings and reactions towards people. Over on Facebook and Twitter, we asked, “What is tagay to you? What kind of memories does it evoke? What kind of feelings do you have towards it?”

As usual, you gave us a bevy of interesting answers.

Here’s our favorite big word description.

what is tagay

To be clear, tagay is when a group of friends take turns drinking alcohol using just one glass. The pouring of the alcohol and passing around of the single glass is usually facilitated by just one person. He is the designated gunner.

Many of the responses we got were personal.



Based on your responses, it means much more than just getting drunk and wasted.

When I was growing up, the alcohol of choice to tagay was Red Horse beer. For many people, I don’t think that has changed much. We used to have these quirky rules and rituals. Like when we first started learning to drink, my older cousin would tell us that the gunner always had to be the youngest. Looking back, it seemed like that was something he made up, but I’m sure we all have these weird little rules that only applied to our drinking group.

tagay shirtOne Glass

The fact that everyone shared one glass ensured that most of the participants had the same level of alcohol in them. As we all know, not everyone has the same level of alcohol tolerance. Some of us get drunk more easily than others.

Naturally, if you couldn’t hold your drink, you were likely to pass. That meant you would skip a turn. When I was younger, the first person to pass was usually the target of plenty of jokes.

But for some reason, sharing a drink from the same glass always made people feel closer as a group. One sure way to get to know someone was to go through a tagay session with them. That’s why many people talk about the bond that tagay brings about. I can’t really explain why it happens. But that’s what happens. If anyone can explain it, I’m all ears.

You could learn a lot about somebody just by the way they would tagay. If you couldn’t drink anymore, you had to be man enough to pass. You had to be able to withstand all the jokes that would come your way because of it. When we were younger, it was difficult not to succumb to the peer pressure.

Sometimes you hear about guys slyly spilling the drink on the floor to avoid drinking. In other words, they would waste a glass of perfectly good alcohol just to save face. Don’t do that. Just say pass. If your friends force you to drink, then you’ve got to rethink your friends. Drink with good company.

I don’t usually tagay anymore. These days, I’m holding a light beer more often than a Red Horse. The horse gallops straight to my head now, but I still have fond memories of those tagay sessions. Those were fun days.

So tagay is not necessarily a bad thing.

But just remember.

Drink responsibly and be man enough to pass.

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