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Local cinema is in a weird place right now. Most of the local films aren’t owned by the filmmakers. The films are usually funded by outside studios that own the rights to the screenings. Once there is a screening in the cinemas, you better go and watch. If you miss it, you are unlikely to get another chance. Unlike mainstream films where you can expect to find ways to watch it later. For local films, there’s usually no way to rent it, or stream it, or buy it online.

When a screening is done, it’s done.

Fortunately, it turns out that the filmmakers of Superpsychocebu have the rights to their movie. So when I ran into Ara Chawdhury in a conference, she mentioned that they were open to screening requests. I jumped at the chance. As per Zerothreetwo’s mission to share all the good stuff from our shores, I offered to organize a screening for Superpsychocebu. We could hit two birds with one stone. Invite our audience to watch the movie, and I could watch it as well.

With that said, we would like to invite you to a chill movie night.

Zerothreetwo will be hosting a screening of Superpsychocebu. The screening will be held in Handuraw Mango at 9pm sharp on August 2, 2018.

Join us for a fun night full of laughter and insight.


Plot Outline

A young man is on a quest to find a mythical strain of cannabis called the SUPERPSYCHOCEBU. Along the way, he meets characters that appear to have lost their minds after trying it, one of them even possessed by the Devil, at which point he starts questioning whether he’s in for some good weed or just one hell of a bad trip.


John Diño, Wes Bacareza, Christian Saavedra, John Mark Maglana, Rapi Sescon, Angelica Gamolo, Joshua Aquino

Directed By

Christian Linaban

Screenplay By

Christian Linaban

Produced By

Ara Chawdhury, Christian Linaban

If you want to learn more about the local film industry or talk about the movie, you will have a chance to talk to the filmmakers after the screening. We will open the floor to an informal Q + A session with the filmmakers.


Screening of Superpsychocebu


Handuraw Mango


August 2, 2018 ; 9pm sharp

Door fee:

150 pesos


More fun stuff:


Carlo Villarica

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