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*What’s it like to wake up every morning with an unbridled view of Cebu? Here Nuel shares what it feels like to say good morning to Cebu in his own way. – Editors’ note

I’m crazy about the sunrise, sunset and even the clouds. The crimson hues encourage me to wake up and take a picture. I am not even a professional photog. I’m just a hobbyist hoping that my DSLR likes me.

cebu clouds sun nuel crucioBlissfully nestled in a twin peak location, I have a panoramic view of Cebu, Talisay, Mactan and even the Bohol Islands. I “own” the scenery every morning. After my slumber, I usually peek out towards the east side of my bed. If I see an orange hue that envelops the sky then I know it’s going to be beautiful. Then I force myself up half-awake to get my equipment and shoot.

But more than the act of trying to make a perfect sunrise shot is the energy it provides my inner and outer self. The mild solar energy in the early morning brings out positive vibes. Raising my head up in the sky and thanking the ONE responsible for this is just both surreal and spiritual. Living on top of Cebu’s backbone can be very breezy and dizzy, but at the same time magnificent.

*This post was sent to us via our submission page. Sunsets and sunrise in Cebu are definitely awesome! This gave us an idea. Share your sunrise or sunset shots with us. The good ones get re-posted in Don’t forget to share a story (if you have any).

Share a link to your photos on the comments below. 

sun nuel cruciosrp cebu nuel crucio

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