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When I talked to friends about moving to Manila, the common reaction was always about the horrendous traffic. I, having psyched myself out, always responded with the same line, “I can take it.” It’s now been just over a month since we moved and I have to say that they were right. But so was I. The traffic is indeed as bad as they say it is, but I am dealing with it just fine.

With countless hours worth of music at my fingertips (Thank you, Spotify!) and a growing library of audio-books (for the kids, mostly), Manila traffic is actually bearable.

However, not all things can be fixed with songs and stories. The stupidity, callousness, and arrogance of some drivers is another ball game. But there is enough footage of these drivers on Facebook to make anyone think twice about raging on the road. I’ll just have to continue to “woo-sah” away all the bad juju these monkeys bring.

Anyway, here are a few songs that help me keep my cool on the road. Enjoy!


Art by by anneamorex for happygaraje.


Jason Almendras

Zerothreetwo Co-founder | Music Connoisseur | photography enthusiast. Follow @032jason.
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