Women kick ass! Yup, you may be familiar with this concept if you read last week’s Mad Max: Fury Road review or the Pitch Perfect 2 review the week before. It’s a female domination three-peat as we head into this weekend with the mildly hilarious action spoof Spy. Created by the makers’ of Bridesmaids, Spy is another spoof of the secret agent genre, this time as a vehicle for the stardom of Melissa McCarthy. If you love McCarthy, head over to PAGCOR. Today is your lucky day.

Plot: Moneypenny Gets the Gig

Bradley Fine (Jude Law) is a superspy, ably supported by his deskbound analyst Susan Cooper (McCarthy) with whom he relays back intel and provides needed information to Agent Fine during his dangerous missions. On one such mission it does not go well and Law is apparently killed when trying to recover information on the sale of a nuclear device. It is up to Susan to track down Fine’s killer Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) and De Luca (Bobby Cannavale) before they deliver the bomb to even more nefarious hands.

Spy MovieShine, Melissa, You Are a Star!

This is Melissa McCarthy at her best, using her big doe eyes and winsome smile in its best light. I am on Team McCarthy; I think she is not only funny but a good, believable actress. As the comic underdog, McCarthy is a nice mirror to her male counterparts like Kevin James, Josh Gad or Seth Rogan. While their movies are boring because we’ve seen the male perspective so relentlessly in comedy (normally fat guy saves the day and gets the hot chick), the alternative female version from the same “lovable loser” standpoint feels comparatively fresh. But listen, this is an American comedy, a lot of the jokes are going to be well-worn and stale regardless of who delivers them, but McCarthy’s charisma does add some weight to the humour.


The action sequences are best. Normally in spy spoofs, the action sequences are just there to throw in more jokes about the genre. In Spy, these scenes are as thrilling as any genuine Bond film, comparable and possibly ripped off from Jackie Chan’s combat sequences, which are always exciting, inventive, and hilarious all at the same time.

Agent Support Network

McCarthy’s supporting cast is a sea of stars from really great funny women like Britain’s TV darling Miranda Hart to fine comic actresses like Rose Byrne and Allison Janney. The world’s best action star, Jason Statham (in my mind), is also present and has a great time sending himself up. Throw in Jude Law, Bobby Cannavale and Peter Serafinowicz, and we’re set for a good time.

Just Sit Back and Laugh… and Sometimes Groan

Comic capers are very hard to pull off and the team effort involved from the cast and creators do it in fine form. With characters that you don’t just laugh at but like, Spy lives up to the McCarthy’s earlier Bridesmaids promise. As a good, silly way to unwind for a weekend as a date or gimik (do people still use that word?), Spy and Melissa are acceptably enjoyable, light summer fare.

Spy is showing for a second week this weekend May 29- 31, 2015 in Ayala Center Cebu Cinemas.

Stefan Garcia

Tune back next week for another episode… wait. What am I talking about? Next week if we’ve got another movie to recommend, you’ll find it here. Cheers! Have a good weekend folks!

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