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Movie review conversation between Tita Bhabie Boomer, Kuya Generoso Xavier and Thoroughly Modern Millie:

Kuya GenX: Thank you, Sam Mendes, for another scorcher of a Bond film!

Tita Bhabie: I know! Finally Bond is getting back to the formula of my youth! Mendes has brought it all back to the beautiful, exotic locations, fun gadgets, seduction of gorgeous women and freaky villains with thuggish henchmen!

Millie: Did you like it, Tita Bhabes? I was hoping for something more like Skyfall, more in-depth exploration of Bond’s psychology. They’ve dumbed down the series again. Craig has lost a lot of his grit.

Kuye GenX: I agree to some extent, Millie. This is not Skyfall, but it never could be really. Mendes and Craig had to move the series somewhere else. They already did Skyfall. What else could they do? But you must have liked the Bond Girl this time.

spectre posterMillie: Yes, I did. Dr. Swann, played by Lea Seydoux, was a much more believable scientist than the last female scientist I remember in a Bond film, Christmas Jones, Denise Richards as a rocket scientist with distaste for clothes and a penchant for being easily banged. But this movie, what a waste of Monica Belucci! You get a legend like her for a boring, bit-part like that. That was really dumb.

Tita Bhabie: But can you believe she is 60! Still, why did they not do more with her? I agree, a waste.

Kuya GenX: I was not sure about Christoph Waltz as the main baddy. The backstory with Bond was a little forced for me, and he was not threatening at all.

Tita Bhabie: But, Gen, Bond villains do not have to be scary. I can’t actually think of any from the old days that were really scary. The main villains have to be camp, larger than life and slightly crazy. The henchmen tended to be scarier. Dave Bautista was so frightening as Mr. Hinx. Pinoy pride for him there!

Millie: Okay, I see how Spectre fits in the Bond franchise. It is probably the most quintessentially Bond of the new batch. Still, I like how Bond had changed and became less silly! Spectre does not compare to Skyfall or Casino Royale, though it is way better than Quantum of Solace.

Tita Bhabie: Give me even more silliness if you ask me! I would say bring back Roger Moore! Such a funny man.

Kuya GenX: No, for me, Spectre got it right in balancing the old and the new; great action set pieces, but it continues to explore Bond’s psychology.

Tita Bhabie: But who cares about Bond the man? It is the shallowness and the flashiness that we love! And the fact that it is a great catalogue of products! Expect Omegas under the Christmas tree this year, kids!

Spectre is showing in Cebu cinemas for its second weekend of November 13, 2015 and November 15, 2015.

Stefan Garcia

Zerothreetwo’s resident movie buff extraordinaire. Sober reflections on movies and today’s culture. Stay tuned for a new movie review almost every Friday.

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