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You might have observed a smooth paved road where there was once a dirt track and broken pieces of concrete. Maybe you saw the scaffolding going up and down, people walking in and out with paint buckets and large brushes. If you’ve been to Crossroads recently, you might have noticed a huge banner, dotted with bright colors and strange shapes, and emblazoned with the words “Create” “Community” and “Culture”.

If you were curious enough — if “creativity” and “community” and “culture” spoke to you — you might have walked inside the mall, and had lunch at Phat Pho, or purchased something beautiful and sustainably-made from Holicow. You might have seen Cebuanos and non-Cebuanos working inches away from each other at A Space, or checked out the Qube Gallery and saw their latest exhibition, or passed by the chalkboard menu outside Trattoria da Gianni and tried their pasta, inspired by homemade meals from the owner’s nona. You would have made your way, like this, to the end of Crossroads, standing in front of Tajimaya while you watched cars spill out into the rest of Cebu, and that’s when you’d notice it: a huge mural, vivid in its imagery, right above you. You’d see another one covering the facade of K1 Family KTV, and, walking over, one more outside of Expose. The next one is draping the columns outside Holicow. You’d make your way back, slowly, to the entrance of the mall, counting eight murals and wondering if there might be more.


Something revolutionary is happening in Cebu - Zerothreetwo - CEVOLUTION


There are. They’re all over Cebu, waiting to be painted by Cebuano artists and creatives. They’re on the tips of paint brushes and pencils, and in the sounds of Cebuano bands, and through the camera lenses of Cebuano photographers and filmmakers. The murals you see in Crossroads are works by artists KIDLAT, DAOT, Lean Reboja, Golda King, Ronyel Compra and Ivan Zaldarriaga. They’re some of the people pushing for the gates to open, for pride in Cebuano identity, for consciousness of the city’s growth and development, for accessibility to and an awareness of the tools that enable self-expression. As one of the largest-scale curated public art projects ever initiated in Cebu, these six artists have taken over 100 square meters of public space in an attempt to promote Cebu’s identity as a city destination for culture and the arts.

It starts on July 15, 2017, with the greatest collaboration yet between Crossroads Cebu, Create Cebu, and Qube Gallery, made possible with the support of Island Premium Paints. Take part in the Queen City’s CEVOLUTIÓN!


Something revolutionary is happening in Cebu - Zerothreetwo - CEVOLUTION


Leunice Eloisa

Constantly craving the beach life. Instagram: @leunicemanuel


Tristan Espinoza

Fil-am digital artist who found his way to Cebu! Instagram: @tristan.espinoza


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