Sinulog was craaaaaaaaazy!

Reports say 3.8 million set foot on the streets of Cebu and watched the Sinulog Festival. Stop! Think about that for a second. 3.8 MILLION people watched Sinulog! That’s the population of the city of Los Angeles. That’s as many toddlers it takes to change a light bulb. That’s more than the number of iPads sold by Apple! I kid… it’s not more. Not even close. The point is 3.8 million is a big number. It’s unlikely you’ve seen 3.8 million of anything and holy dancing Sto. Nino that’s a lot!

This has been the biggest party in the Philippines for a long time, but now, it may very well be the biggest in the world. It was that EPIC.

It passed just as quickly as a spasm inducing sighting of Gerald Anderson. You haven’t seen that one? Here take a moment. It is funny.

Where else can you experience a parade as traditionally colorful with a hint of crazy on the side? Spectators ranged from the content elderly shoulder to shoulder serenely watching the grand parade in the sidelines to the crazy face painting beer drenching kids dancing to the Sinulog beat.

Yup, we still have our Sinulog hangover. We are especially beat as this marks the end of a crazy party season in Cebu. But if you want to reminisce, here are what you may have missed.

Sinulog live stream for the unfortunate relative who missed out on the festivities.

– We decided to celebrate our anniversary at the ZeroThreeTwo Sinulog party.

– You still have time to submit your Sinulog Photo to join our contest.

– File this for next year, you won’t want to forget the 7 Steps to Survive Sinulog.

– Ever wondered what happened behind the scenes of Miss Cebu 2012?

– Here’s your once in a life time chance to swim with the Whale Sharks.

– We love coffee shops. Here are your top picks of coffee shops in Cebu.

– Need an itinerary for your out of town friend/relative/alien? Must Do’s for the Out of Town Visitor.


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