Tired of the usual Sinulog shirt?

Get something different. Why a skull? Different cultures have different interpretations of a skull. But many recognize it as a reminder that our time in this world is limited. Everything ends. A skull is a reminder of that and knowing this, we are to make the most of the life we have left. In its most basic form, Sinulog is a celebration of life. We rejoice of the fact that we are still here and we are to make the most of it. On the third Sunday of 2016, we celebrate with who matters most because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. For Sinulog, we celebrate life.

Available at the Assembly Online.

The shirts come in men cuts.

Festive Dust

Borrowing from the Holi Festival, festive dust is available for anyone who wants to have colorful fun.

Make your Sinulog a colorful one.

Available exclusively in the Assembly JY Square.

Festive PH Flag 6 Panel Snapback

Subtly dyed with different shades of blue, red and yellow, the Festive Philippine Flag 6 Panel Snapback matches the vibe of Sinulog. Each snapback is unique due to the color dyeing process. No two look exactly the same.

Very limited edition.

Currently available exclusively in the Assembly JY.


Monica Villarica

Monica Villarica


Carlo Villarica

Carlo Villarica


Jake Maningo

Jake Maningo


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