All hail the mighty Oracle!

Sinugbang Sugbo, a wise-ass cracking no holds barred truth-telling literary entity that thrives in Twitter by Cebuano/s for Cebuanos. Its existence has stirred my curiosity, which, in turn, was responsible for triggering my inquiries.

For those hoping for an in-depth and personal interview, let me burst your bubble right now and tell you that it’s not. No identities outed here! Rather, an entertaining and slightly revealing exchange.

032: What is Sinugbang Sugbo?

SS: Imagine the Cebuano inun-onan trying to find its place in an Italian restaurant, that’s Sinugbang Sugbo.

032: Are you one person or a group?

SS: Daghan ko kabuok.

032: Why do you want to remain anonymous?

SS: Quotes have lives of their own. After you click “Tweet”, you don’t own them anymore. The quotes are the stars of the show. You are irrelevant.

032: What was your goal / intention in coming up with Sinugbang Sugbo?

SS: The goal was to tweet in Bisaya and attract Bisaya followers. Non-Bisaya people, please follow Bob Ong.

032: How do you think you fare as far as popularity is concerned?

SS: You can’t be popular with only 12K followers.

032: Why Twitter?

SS: Twitter because there’s too much negativity elsewhere. Of course, I don’t mean Facebook.

032: Why do you only follow one person? 

SS: I think that to be fair with Twitter, you must follow at least one person, whoever that person is.

032: How do you formulate your quotable tweets?

SS: All tweets in this account are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely intentional.

032: Do you plan to branch out into other social networking sites? Why or why not?

SS: No plans as of this morning.

032: Who is Gorio, really?

SS: Gorio is the man behind Sinugbang Sugbo.

032: What makes the world go ’round?

SS: Tagay makes the world go round.

032: If you could explain what Sinugbang Sugbo is to a foreigner, what would you say?

SS: Hey, foreigner, much as we want you to click follow and join the fun, we don’t do translation.

032: What’s the best thing about Cebu?

SS: The indie bands.

032: What’s the worst thing about Cebu?

SS: The indie bands.

032: What’s the significance of Sinugbang Sugbo in society? Particularly among Cebuanos.

SS: A Sinugbang Sugbo follower said, “Pwede man diay ang Bisaya quotes sa Twitter, no?

032: Are you philosophers?

SS: Philosopher, no. Pilosopo, yes.

032: If you were going to take a picture of your group, what would it look like?

SS: It would be a group picture with only me in it.

032: Why are you doing this? What’s the purpose of these tweets?

SS: I’m doing this because sooner or later somebody will do it anyway. At least nakauna ko. The tweets are anger management on my part. The tweets are a fun alternative to flashing the dirty finger.

032: What best represents Cebuanos?

SS: The Cebuano language.

032: What’s your opinion on the controversial video, “20 Reasons I Dislike ____. (the Philippines)”?

SS: I hate the video because naunhan ko. I could have given not 20 but 101 reasons to dislike Cebu.

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Interesting questions from some of Sinugbang Sugbo’s followers:

@Hanniiing: Why do we have to use semicolons?

SS: Semicolons are for people who are afraid of beginnings and conclusions.

@miatchfabulousa: What motivates you to update your tweets religiously?

SS: Boredom.

@Malou_I_Tabar: What’s the reason behind the name?

SS: No reason. I just love the sound of it. The “G” and the “B” sounds are very Cebuano.

Diem Judilla: Where’s the best barbecue in Cebu?

SS: I don’t do endorsement.

To sympathize with your confusion, I thought I was talking to a group of people too. I didn’t know it then, but I was actually talking to Gorio alone . Upon asking, “I thought ‘daghan ka kabuok?'” he answered, “Daghan bitaw ko kabuok.” On that note, go figure.

If you’re the type of Cebuano who doesn’t mind brutal honesty, follow @SinugbangSugbo on Twitter now. You won’t regret it.

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