Women like dressing up!  There’s a reason we like to take our sweet time getting ready. On special occasions, expect us to take even longer. Women love to look good to feel good. We not only carefully select our dresses, but also the accessories to go with it. I can’t even imagine how long it takes for beauty pageant candidates to walk out on the stage. This year, the Miss Cebu 2013 candidates not only wore sophisticated gowns, but they also had chandelier like earrings which caught my attention. That’s when my friend then told me about Simply Cebuana.

Simply Cebuana is a premiere maker of customized accessories. Yes, we have someone at the ZeroThreeTwo who meticulously designs and makes accessories. We had the chance to do an email interview with Tom Frances Evangelista. Tom is the creative mind behind Simply Cebuana.  Let’s find out why Simply Cebuana is simply amazing!

simply cebuana puso earring032: How did Simply Cebuana begin?

Tom: It started in 2008 when I was looking for large chunky earrings for me to wear. I couldn’t find any for sale. I then proceeded to make them myself. Some of my friends, who would attend events or would want to get a gift for someone, asked me to make some for them. I moved on to making accessories for pageants like Queen: A Pageant for alternatives and just recently Miss Cebu.

032: Why is it called Simply Cebuana? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Tom: As the song goes, “Wherever you may go, wherever you may be, the beauty of the Cebuana will put a smile on you. Simply like no one else, so good to be real, the beauty from the south. Simply Cebuana.”  As a designer, I am very proud to have been born and raised as a genuine Cebuana.  With the branding, I also use Cebuana names that are dear to me like the names/nicknames of my relatives and that of my friends. If someone orders a custom made piece, I name the collection after their Cebuano nickname or Angga.

032: Who are the forerunners or who started it?

Tom: It’s just me. I design and make them myself.

032: What was your first big project? Who were your first models?

Tom: My first big project was providing the accessories for Queen: A Pageant for alternatives in 2010. My accessories were used during their Headshots and Swimsuit shoots and also during the coronation night.

namrata neesha murjani simply cebuana032: What makes Simply Cebuana creations stand out among the competitors?

Tom: Simply Cebuana creations are unique because not only do I design the earrings, I also wear them so I know what it feels like to be wearing the collections. The pieces are not mass produced and I like to add little trinkets that I collect as I travel around Cebu for every piece of my jewelry.

032: How long have you been providing accessories to Miss Cebu candidates?

Tom: It is my first year to have provided the earrings for Miss Cebu, but this is also the first year they had an official earrings provider. I provided this year’s candidates with their daily wear earrings and also different earrings for each segment during the pre-pageant and coronation nights.

032: Have you done projects out of the metro?

Tom: I have done projects which were sent outside of the Philippines, but were given as gifts. I was also one of the lucky few who were given the task to provide accessories in last year’s Mutya ng Pilipinas in Manila.

simply cebuana tom evangelista032: What’s your dream project for Simply Cebuana?

Tom: My dream project would be to make even just one accessory for Angelina Jolie in her upcoming movie as Cleopatra, because i love Angelina Jolie! Also, I have been in awe of Egyptian art ever since I was a child and I adore Cleopatra. I would also love be the one to make the accessories for every Cebuana who will represent Cebu in pageants in the international/national scene.

While browsing the photos of Tom Evangelista’s creations, I was impressed how each piece seems to be uniquely created. It’s clear that he poured out his energy and love to his work.  Simply Cebuana accessories are truly like a Cebuana – sophisticated and one of a kind!

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Visit the shop: 0071 Holy Family Road Nivel Hills, Cebu City

simply cebuana miss cebu 2013 candidate

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