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Tita Bhabie Bhoomer – She saw it all in the 60’s, but these days, prefers raising her hands in a charmatic service rather than a disco. She lives for charity (in charge of her family’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative) and Prada handbags (her weakness! but are they knock-offs?). Still the type to laugh at a blue joke or two, she likes nothing better than to spend time in the movies with her godchildren, Kuya GenX and Millie. As you would expect, she likes the romcoms and dramas, but her early palpitations during The Exorcist mean she is always looking for another movie that could so thoroughly existentially scare her. 

Kuya Generoso Xavier – He is a miserable sod, who laments the perceived demise of the Cebu rock scene. After getting a haircut, ditching his band, and gaining 5 inches on his waist line, the expendable cash he now earns from his BPO-managerial job is spent on taking his Tita Bhabie and cousin Millie to the movies, ideally in IMAX. He is exactly the demographic that all the movie companies gun for; that nearly middle aged nerd with teenage boy dreams. He loves the Marvel franchise but is also partial to an intellectual historical film or two that can get him really irate about politics.

Thoroughly Modern Millie– She is the quintessential Millenial. Though she thinks selfies are lame, she has more Instagram followers than anyone has the right to expect, given her ability to sneakily include reflections of herself in lacy underwear. Nearly graduated from university, Millie is a maker; arts and crafts are her thing (as well as tattooing). While she loves experimental cinema (especially of the European variety), she will always be a Pixar girl at heart as it was those films that really taught this young woman how to feel.

Imagine our three wannabe film critics leaving a mall cinema and taking a table on a nearby chair to grab dinner after watching Sicario:

Millie (staggering): Wow that was tense!

Kuy GenX: I’ll say! I can still feel those bass sounds of that sound track vibrating through my bones.

Tita Bhabie: The music was something, ha! Really added to the atmosphere.

Kuya GenX: I really liked that mood Denis Villeneuve, the director, developed. Really menacing… but I am not sure if it really lived up to the excellent build up. A bit of a damp squib, maybe?

Millie: A little, but this is a story that needs to be told! The situation with the drug cartels in Mexico is one of the greatest modern-day tragedies. I like that it took a female perspective with Emily Blunt’s kidnap specialist police officer Kate Macer as the central character. She becomes immersed in this masculine strike force in the Mexican border frontline of the “War Against Drugs,” headed by Josh Brolin’s Matt Graver.  Benicio del Toro was looking not too yummy as this odd, Mexican crime fighting lawyer who works alongside Kate. She was a little lame, constantly scared, getting beat up and used as bait, but I think part of the point is that this is how women are treated in this patriarchal setting. Here both law enforcement and drug cartel share a violent, macho culture.

Tita Bhabie: Well, Millie, this is not an action movie! It is not about glamorizing the violence, so having a kickass heroine would be inappropriate. Listen, you know I love my Ripleys and burnt my bras with the best of them in the 60’s, but I know had I been in Kate’s place, how she acted was exactly how I would act. I would be shaking in my cowboy boots!

Kuya GenX: I agree Blunt did a good job as she always did, and it is excellent to see Del Toro being kickass again, even if he is a bit puffy. Definitely not your run-off-the-mill action movie, but I wish they were more explicit with some of the violence. If you have read books like Roberto Bolano’s 2666, you know how horrible things actually are in places like Juarez, the Mexican border towns. I know everyone complains about the crime in Cebu, but it ain’t Juarez! This is a film that makes you glad you live here.

Tita Bhabie: For all the ugliness, it is a pretty movie. What I loved best was the cinematography! Such beautiful pictures as well as haunting. I hope Roger Deakins gets nominated for this one. I love the aerial views of the desert, brings to my mind what the life of a drone must be like, only it can’t appreciate how beautiful everything is. I suppose that might be what the film is drawing on; the way we all become dehumanised by the criminal, militaristic, and economic systems. In all of these, humans just become commoditized as tools or chattel. Quite depressing.

Millie: Depressing but realistic. The more we know about these systems, the better we can fight against them. That is what I love about art! Just showing reality can be a political statement.

Kuya GenX: Is that what all the collages you put on Tumblr are about? It’s not just you being Jej.

Millie: Quiet, Kuy! But seriously, I am going to recommend this to my friends, especially those with such romantic views of the world that need to be obliterated.

Tita Bhabie: Is that a good idea, Millie? Ah, to be young, innocent and stupid again! Those were the days! To think about the drugs I took and how they got into my system through such human exploitation. Never do it, hija!

Kuya GenX: Based on Millie’s artwork, I think your warnings have come a bit late, Tita.

Millie: Shut up, Kuya!

Sicario is showing in Cebu cinemas this weekend October 30- November 1, 2015.




Stefan Garcia

Zerothreetwo’s resident movie buff extraordinaire. Sober reflections on movies and today’s culture. Stay tuned for a new movie review almost every Friday.

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