What Maketh the Man

What is your identity made of? Is it your body or your soul? What you feel or what you think? Or perhaps it is what you do? Our identities are often so tied up with our jobs; to a large extent it affects our self-esteem, our sense of social value, our marital potential and our financial health. It is what we will do with most hours of our lives (besides sleeping). But I think something else we do defines us better than our jobs, at least our true selves and that is how we play. If work is the drudge we do to keep on living, play is the quality time in which we actually live. Often we have work forced upon us by our circumstances; our hobbies are totally our own choice and more indicative about what we really value and who we really are. I say the hobby maketh the person.

The Joys of Living Abroad

Having said that, I am a soulless man. For at the moment, I am looking for a hobby. I have just moved back to Cebu after thirteen years of living abroad.  Now I spent most of that time in London, one of the world’s cultural capitols. Despite being a poor student most the time I was there, London offered me many surprisingly cheap delights; nights at the operas, theatres and concerts at discounted prices, and free galleries to peruse in the daylight hours. My favourite past time when I had a couple of hours free was to head to the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square where I would sit in front of a masterpiece and copy it. Because the entrance was free, I never felt the need to run around the gallery to get the most of what I got because I knew I had lots time. I would sit in front of Van Gogh’s Sunflower or a Rafael Madonna and just spend hours at a time drawing the pictures, learning every detail and line. I was in artistic ecstasy.


I am not just a city boy either. I loved hillwalking in England. Even on cold rainy days, I used to love to ramble across a moor or dale on a day off. Sadly, we don’t have a Countryside and Rights of Way Act which grants walkers the right to walk in the wilderness even in private property in the Philippines (please get working on it PNoy). We need to improve Cebuanos’ access to wildlife!

The Joys of Living in Cebu

Still in Cebu, we do not have the great works of masters to copy at our leisure or massive public hike paths to explore, but we are a city of other cultural delights. What does our growing metropolis have to offer the newcomer? So now, I am looking for a hobby. What gets you excited about living in Cebu? What enthusiasm do you want to share with the world?

Hobby Series

The purpose of these articles is to introduce to other Cebuanos the many things they can do for fun in Cebu. I need to find people who know about these different hobbies so that I give a guide for beginners about how one might start.

Hollah Back!

So I am asking for help; if you would like to introduce your hobby to me and don’t mind being written about in a blog post, please contact me at cebuhobbyist@gmail.com. If your love for your past time is infectious and you want to share it with others, please email me.

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