Halloween is so much fun!

Last year, we visited a Horror Booth and got chased around by Zombies, vampires and white ladies. It was a truly terrifying yet exciting experience.

This year, you get the chance to fight back.

Parkmall partnered with LaserBlitz for a truly unique Halloween experience, the Survival Horror Park. Not only will you be scared out of your mind, but you’ll be able to shoot back!

Picture this scenario.

Inside a dark maze, you hear creatures of the night stalking your every move. Slowly, you inch your way forward. You can’t move too far because your friend is practically hugging your entire arm. You tell them to chill out. It’s just Halloween. What’s the worst that can happen? Then you remember all the screams that were there before you. You take a deep breath, step forward and firmly clutch your phaser gun.

Here are a few of the basic rules:

“A maximum of four people can enter per game. Each will wear the vest with an attached phaser gun. In each group entry, whoever gets the highest score will receive a FREE pass to the regular LaserBlitz game, to be claimed at the LaserBlitz reception area right after the group exits.

Entrance fee is only at P50/person. The Survival Horror Park opens from 1pm to 9pm starting October 9 until November 8, 2015. It is located at LaserBlitz, 2nd floor.”

For more details, visit to Parkmall’s Facebook page or log on to www.parkmallcebu.com.


line to survival horror park - parkmall

That’s the line to the horror booth. People are excited!

No pictures of the inside. There are plenty of surprises in store for you.

No pictures of the inside.There are plenty of surprises in store for you.


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