We are one of those people.

New Year’s Resolutions can be corny and trite. Every year, the same promises; get fit, learn something new, stop smoking and drink less. It’s even more pointless when there’s no lasting change. Many people have resolutions that last for the month of January and are out the door as soon as February hits.

It is our experience that the best way to fulfill those resolutions is to tell the world about them. Tell all your friends and family. They will hold you accountable. We consider the readers of this blog to be friends. If we don’t keep our promises, shoot us… I mean tell us. If we’re screwing up this relationship, you’ll be the first to let us know. Good friends hold each other accountable.

With that said, here’s a quick look at last year’s resolutions.


We showed you who we are.

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience being a first time dad. Since then, I’ve had many people personally telling me that they enjoyed what I wrote. I can only imagine what Shaira is going through because the traffic on my post pales in comparison to her account on why she decided not to become a nurse. That post exploded! As I write this, it is the most read article on the site by far. It resonated with plenty of people.

The mandate to show you who we are continues. Sans the selfies, but you never know.


You came along for the ride.

Last year, we wanted to get more readers involved. We accepted all sorts of submissions. Our bi-weekly Through the Lens showcased the best photos from our readers. And we continued to get story submissions. Here are two: 4 Summer Destinations Around Cebu and Everybody Loves a Good Back Story.

We’re always looking for more stories. We would love to hear from you. Submit a story.


More Zerothreetwo Products

The clothing line has been growing at a steady pace. It continues to be a very fun and fulfilling portion of Zerothreetwo. The goal was to sell twice the amount of clothing from the previous year. In 2014, we sold about 600 shirts. For 2015, the goal was 1200 shirts. In the end, we sold about a thousand shirts. Slightly short the overall goal, but not a bad try.  For 2016, see the goal below.


Partner with more brands.

We were able to partner with a few more brands, namely, Glitchgrafiks, 22 Tango Records and Sexy Boys Skateboards. They continue to show their wares at the Assembly JY Square.

It took a while, but there’s something brewing with 22 Tango Records and Zerothreetwo. The opportunity to work with musicians is particularly exciting. Our roots was inspired by the local music culture, it is only fitting to find ways to get back to that. Stay tuned.


In the real world…

For 2015, we had three events. Mercado Sinulog (huge!), Mercado sa Parkmall and Meet the Streets. We’ve wanted to handle more events. Especially smaller pocket events that allowed us to meet and greet Zerothreetwo readers. We’ll talk about this more below.


Here are our New Year’s Resolutions:

Newsletter subscribers get unique content.

Previously, the newsletter served as an aggregate to the content on the site. It would come out every Monday with the previous week’s content. Special offers and online deals also would find their way to newsletter readers.

Newsletter subscribers should get more.

We’ve got a fun little plan for the 2016 newsletter. It’s called Monday Musings. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out.


More clothing releases.

By the end of 2015, we got into a good rhythm for showcasing our clothing releases.

(1) Release teaser

(2) Offer a discounted pre-order

(3) Blog lookbook

(4) Release to all stockists

One reason we didn’t reach our goal of selling 1200 shirts was due to lack of inventory. Looking back at our releases, we made one huge mistake. From May to August 2015, we didn’t release anything. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

That’s not going to happen for 2016.

Part of the challenge is coming up with new designs. When we release Zerothreetwo clothing, we very rarely reprint designs. You’ll likely never see the same design twice. Each design is sacred. If we’re out, we’re out. If you like a design, you’ll need to get it fast before we run out.

But there’s an exception.

By May, you’ll find the Zerothreetwo basic line on the shelves of select stockists. Everything you love about the Zerothreetwo shirt, but in plain colors with the same fit and quality. We’ll be restocking the basics as needed. You can never have too many basics.

Lastly, for 2016, the goal is to move 2000 units of clothing. We’ll see how that pans out.


More pop culture stuff

We share what we like.

This has always been our rule of thumb for content. It’s easiest to write about stuff you love. We don’t pretend to know what people want to see on our blog. The goal of the website was never to get as many eyeballs as possible. That’s an exercise in futility. The goal is to find like-minded individuals through the beacon of Zerothreetwo.

If you like what we have on these pages, you’ll find us.

One way to reach more people is to expand what we’re writing about. We like a lot of stuff. Our stable of writers is a surprisingly diverse crew. The Through the Lens series has turned out to be a well of photography knowledge while our movie reviews continue to spread good taste. Small steps have already been made to talk about pop culture. For 2016, we’ll take a giant leap towards more pop culture.


More events.

We’re brainstorming new ways to connect with you IRL. Early next year, we’re likely going to have another Meet the Streets (Time to shine those cameras), but we want more. We’re looking at other ways to connect. In particular, small fun events that allow for a real connection between people.

Uhm… we’re still brainstorming. If you have any events, we would love to hear it.

But we’ll think of something…. Hopefully.


That’s it. Let’s see how we do with this year’s resolutions. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know in the comments below.



Carlo Villarica
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