We received a tip about a love story worth telling. Perfectly timed for Valentines, it proves that true love knows no boundaries.

This is a story about Jam and Andy. No one can tell it quite like these lovebirds, here’s what Andy had to say.

I guess I’ll start at the start. Approximately 9 months ago I signed up to an online dating site on a whim (hey, it’s 2014, dating is different now). I saw an ad for the Philippines, and as I had already booked a two month vacation to south-east Asia I thought it might be a good idea to meet someone nice that could show me around once I got there.

jam and andyAfter about a week of standard (boring) conversations I stumbled across Jam’s profile. We got to talking, she understood my humor and before long we were friends on Skype and Facebook. Something clicked, and although I thought she was beautiful, there was a genuine friendship developing based around good laughs and sharing music. The dating profile was promptly deleted and I continued to talk to Jam regularly for two months.

She knew of my plans to visit the Philippines, so in July last year I made arrangements to come to Cebu so we could hang out. I told her that expectation ruins everything- let’s just catch up for some beers and have some fun. There was a genuine friendship there and if nothing romantic developed at least we could still enjoy each other’s company.

That was the plan. There must have been mutual attraction as only a few hours into our first date we shared a kiss… For the next two weeks we didn’t leave each other’s side and fell crazy in love! – Andy

After this crazy in love experience, Jam decided Andy was for keeps. What she did for the man is straight out of a romantic movie.

marry me - jamAs Andy arrived in the airport, a car with the words “MARRY” on the side passed through the arrival area. When Andy saw the words, Jam walked out holding the word “ME.” It was a showstopper. Everyone was taking photos and video. All the added attention undoubtedly added to the nervousness and tension.

But in the end, it was all worth it. They are engaged now.

The basis of our relationship is friendship. Bonnie and Clyde. Partners in crime. Some relationships require a balance, but we’re basically the same person. Hey, it works for us. We both have a lot of trust, respect and freedom. We even party together!

It’s hard to describe, but when you meet “the one”, you just know. I knew within a few days of meeting Jam. This is why Jam will be moving to Perth to live with me in July- we are tired of the long distance and want to live together as a proper couple.

We’re engaged and I know it’ll last. Jam is my best friend and I’m honored to spend my life with her. That’s it for me, I hope I answered some of your questions. – Andy

Mixed emotions and it was all worth it. Now we are engaged, we don’t just let things happen. We also make them happen. The guy I’m marrying is my bestfriend. 🙂 – Jam
hugging in the airportkissing in the airport
marry me in the airport cebu 2it takes a village

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