The art of shoe shopping for women has always baffled men. Why can it take a girl hours to choose the perfect pair? Well, let me mention just a few of the many reasons – the heel is too high (or in some cases, isn’t high enough), it isn’t the “cute” amethyst color she’s looking for (how many shades of violet are there, anyway?), the arch of the heel just isn’t right (and you thought only buildings had arches, huh?).

To all the ladies who spend countless minutes looking for the perfect shoe, and to the boyfriends/husbands who accompany them on these footwear shopping trips, I bring you good news! There’s someone who designs and sells customized shoes right here in Cebu. I’m talking about Mark Anthony Tenchavez, who has just officially launched his Shandar shoe line.

If you’re wondering why the name Shandar sounds terribly familiar, it’s because Shandar actually started as an accessory line that Mark has had for the last ten years. After realizing that it was finally time to evolve from accessorizing ears, wrists, and necks, Mark decided to venture into footwear design, touting shoes as the ultimate accessories (the ones he makes are actually surprisingly affordable).

When asked what his shoes are inspired by, Mark is quick to reply that each pair is designed according to the client’s personality. His premiere shoe collection, to be specific, is inspired by four power women – Christina Garica-Frasco, lawyer and First Lady of Liloan, Cebu; Marjay Ramirez, the ultimate Cebuana supermodel; Gayle Urgello, who balances work and pleasure like no other; and Cielo Ramirez, Cebu’s current It Girl and one of its prettiest faces.

In Mark’s words, “Shoes that don’t match the wearer’s personality just aren’t right”, and I’m sure that every shoe fanatic can attest to that!

For photos of The Shoe Must Go On launch, click HERE.

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