“Are you ready for the tsunami?”

Little did we know, this would mean much more than it did. ZeroThreeTwo was invited to celebrate Coffee Dream’s 15 year anniversary. Held at the newly opened branch in the Arcenas Estate in Banawa, we were treated to a night of good food and a surprise guest.

Sidenote: Wow! 15 years! I vividly remember hanging out in Coffee Dream in the 4th level of Ayala. One coffee to six kids. Good times.

It started the usual way press cons do; lots of sitting around, small talk, and pica pica. Then someone mentioned that Shamcey Supsup was going to drop by. The 4th most beautiful girl in the world is going to “drop by,” here?

In a room full of media members, people used to seeing stars, there was a buzz. You could tell everyone was excited to be there. At this point, we were used to beauty queens. They were literally everywhere! The organizers were all current and former beauty queen title holders. As you can imagine, the event was easy on the eyes.

Then Shamcey Supsup walked in. Actually she didn’t just walk in. Crowded in was more like it. It seemed like the moment she entered Coffee Dream, a throng of people arrived with her. All of a sudden the cafe was packed. They sure know how to throw a party!

After the ribbon cutting, Shamcey made her way to the press table. Not before taking pictures with VIPs and addressing the sizable crowd outside Coffee Dream. At the press con, she was asked all sorts of questions. What did she feel when she found out Oprah’s comment was fake? When people criticized her answer, how did she handle it? What does she want to do moving forward? Will she get into showbiz?

One surmises at this point she has been asked every possible question ranging from her love life to her career. She answered everything like a pro. None of the questions frazzled her. She was skeptical of the Oprah comment to begin with. She can take criticism and understands that you can’t please everyone. Moving forward, she wants to be an architect, but will entertain the thought of being on TV if asked. Smart girl.

Not only is she known for her “tsunami” walk, but she also summons quite a storm when she makes an appearance. Like I said earlier, Coffee Dream sure knows how to throw a party.

* Coffee Dream also released their short stories. Check out our favorite!

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