The Mercado bazaar is baaaaaaaaaack!!

Remember all the fun last year? We’re doing it again!

It promises to be even better this year.

First, let’s start with the official stuff. Then we’ll give you the unofficial announcements of what COULD happen.

ZeroThreeTwo, in partnership with AboitizLand, Inc. and Third Team Media, is organizing a food Christmas bazaar. We’re calling it Mercado: Food Edition at the Outlets – a special event for the first year anniversary of The Outlets at Pueblo Verde.

This year we’re only getting food sellers.

Here’s all you need to know:

What: Mercado: Food Edition at the Outlets

When: 4:30 PM to 12 MN December 12, 13,  and 14, 2014

Where: The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, MEPZ II, Basak Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu City

Now for the unofficial announcements.

There COULD be a holiday sale in the Outlets during the bazaar. BIG discounts.

A big clothing brand will be opening their new store. They MIGHT bring in a music act that we all love. We can’t spill the beans on exactly who yet, but stay tuned.

There SHOULD be outdoor movies to make your eating experience all the more enjoyable.

That’s it for now. In the meantime, stay tuned.

PS – If you are a food seller, have something scrumptious to share and wants to join the bazaar, send us an email.

Mercado Food Edition at the Outlets

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