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For September, we had a knowledge-filled month. We talked about basic composition, gave examples, had an important processing tip and shared a few photowalk guidelines.

Today, I’d like to share my experience shooting last weekend’s Apparel shoot for Zerothreetwo’s Roots Collection.

But before that, here’s our winner for September Photo of the Month:

"Sunset Flipping"

Sunset Flipping Photo by Cliff Rigor ( @cliffrigor )


Congratulations, Cliff! We’ll contact you soon so you can claim your prize.

For the latest shirt release from Zerothreetwo, I was given the task to shoot three shirts for one male model. We decided on a serious tone for the overall feel. Our model was Janot Autagab, a Calligraphy-Graffiti (CalliGraffiti) artist in Cebu. As I stated in one of the previous posts, backgrounds are as important as the subject itself. Shooting with Janot was an opportunity to use his art as a backdrop. Our shoot location was in Banawa, just across a gas station where his mural is painted.

Unfortunately, it rained that afternoon. We had no choice but to wait it out for a few minutes and thought of postponing the shoot. Luckily, the gas station had a convenience store where we were allowed to wait and have refreshments.

Unexpected things like these are normal when doing an outdoor shoot. Because it rained, the light was heavily diffused by the clouds and I was left shooting with what I had. I’m not a fan of bringing heavy equipment for small outdoor shoots. However, even with that kind of light, it still worked with what I had in mind.

For an Apparel shoot like this, I needed to have different versions of Portait and Landscape orientations. Portraits are usually used in catalogs or online shop preview images. See The Assembly Online for an example. Landscapes are best used in header/hero images, and in Zerothreetwo’s case, the blog post in showcasing the newest shirt release.

For composition, it’s ok to crop out certain body parts when needed, since the main subject is the shirt and design itself.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to shoot the details. Examples are the shirt tags, closeups and even the model’s accessories. It’s all a plus even if it’s not part of the brand. It makes it realistic.

How an apparel shoot goes varies for different photographers. Hopefully, you gain some insight on what happens in one and apply it on your future shoots.

More shots from the shoot will be coming out in the next few days. Stay tuned. – Editor’s note

Now, here’s the first batch of selections for October:

"Today's Mantra"

“Today’s Mantra” by Edryce Janne ( @edrycejanne )






"Early Loading"

“Early Loading” Photo by Earl Tavera ( @earltavera )


"Meeting all these faces, seeing all these places, we got no time to waste."

“Meeting all these faces, seeing all these places, we got no time to waste.” (@mmybnz)


Untitled. Photo by Richard John Pozon ( @richardjohnx )

"After finals."

“After finals.” Photo by Joseph Bensig ( @josephbensig )

"Best friend, true love."

“Best friend, true love.” Photo by Krisha Rule ( @krishafromtheisland )


“I want to go back and see the world again through the eyes of a Child.'” Photo by Wilfredo Jr. ( @willjr42 )

"Spreading love and peace to start the week."

“Spreading love and peace to start the week.” Photo by Jason Samson ( @mrsammydoo )


"City boy in trouble. I doubt if I ever get alive here."

“City boy in trouble. I doubt if I ever get alive here.” Photo by Mark ( @stephsody )

Sardine Run. Moalboal, Cebu

Sardine Run. Moalboal, Cebu Photo by Gen Santiago ( @gensantiago )

What do you think of the September POTM winner? Tell us in the comment box below 🙂

If you want to be featured, you can join by tagging your photos with #032igers. If you know someone who deserves a spot above, leave their usernames on the comment box below and we’ll check out their feed or you can tell them all about Through the Lens. Best Photo of the Month wins Zerothreetwo merchandise. Cool, huh?

Scott Pacaldo

A Creative. Street & Docu / Lifestyle & Commercial Photographer. Inspirations from arts,music, and films. Influences deeply rooted in Cebu + Japanese Culture. Follow at @eeskaatt.

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