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The groan filled the room as the speakers crackled the announcement.

“Flight 782 to Manila is delayed.”

People tensed up. Chatter rose a few decibels. A crowd formed in front of the ladies in the airline counter. Questions were raised. Worries were quelled.

We’ve all been in situations just like this.

There’s always that one guy who starts screaming, “It’s your responsibility to bring us to our location on time! You are not living up to your responsibility! What kind of airline is this?”

The chatter grew silent as the irate passenger grew louder and louder. Before he knew it, all eyes were on him. His eyes bursting. His veins popping out of his neck. His face as red as the blood pumping through it. He looked around, suddenly aware of all the attention. He walked back to his seat, but not without lashing out one last time.

“We don’t even get free snacks!?!”

I understand that it is the airline’s responsibility to get us to our destination safely and on time. Delayed flights are an incredible hassle. Plans ruined. Hours wasted. Dinners cold.

I get it.

But when did we become so entitled? When did we forget that it’s a miracle to fly thousands of feet up in the air, to travel hundreds of miles in a matter of minutes, to transport thousands of people through these airports every day? It’s a miracle that a plane even exists.

To travel around the world, our ancestors used to ride galleons. Trips lasted years. Half of them would die. When rations would run out, passengers subsisted on the rats crawling all over the ship. They would arrive in their destination years older, a million times smellier, and likely with no recollection why they took the trip in the first place.

Travel today is a miracle!

Our plane turned out to have a maintenance issue and required fixing. Shouting at the ladies in the counter (who had nothing to do with the delay) didn’t make the situation better. I’m not even convinced the guy felt better after his “performance.” His blood pressure probably shot through the roof and his life expectancy cut short by half a year.

Shit happens. The world is far from ideal. Babies cry. Cities flood. Flights get delayed. And people let you down every day.

But we need to remember that no one is trying to ruin our day. Everyone is doing their best, trying to be good at their job, trying to be perfect in life. When the shit hits the fan, I try to remember that most people’s intentions are good. Life happens. Deal with it.

Let’s not forget about the people doing their best and how they perform miracles every day.

Let me leave you with this clip of my favorite comedian telling us how everything is amazing.

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