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Rainbow Circle Sando Collection 2018 Lookbook

We all know a rainbow when we see one, but what does a rainbow mean to you?

A Rainbow acts as a symbol of our heart’s purpose. If we act on that and achieve it, we find celebration of that fulfillment, hence the pot of gold in the end of a rainbow.

That idea of a rainbow is comforting for anyone who has risked it all to achieve their dreams. Zerothreetwo, after all, is all about making our dreams a reality.

Cheers to finding your Rainbow.

Presenting the Rainbow Circle Sando Collection 2018 Lookbook

The latest collection features the Rainbow Circle screen printed on our Sandos. Perfectly apt for the coming summer months when we’ll be hanging out on the beach, and sipping pina coladas in between surf sessions.

Shirts come in white with four different piping colors;

Navy Blue




Available in select stockists and The Assembly Online.

Karylle Nicole Teo

Karylle Nicole Teo


Kaye Jasmine Esmas

Kaye Jasmine Esmas


Wu Perspectives

Wu Perspectives


Alwynn Kate Alcazaren

Jan Reese Jumawan

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