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Maintaining a blog is hard work.

Don’t make all that hard work go to waste. You don’t want to spend all that time writing a blog post only to press publish to crickets.

Writing the blog post and hitting publish is the easy part. The hard part is promoting your content.

For every hour spent on a blog post, spend two hours promoting it.

Every time we publish a blog post, we have a checklist we go through to promote it. It’s important for you to do the same. Do not take the “build it and they will come” approach.

In this chapter, we will get into detail with how to promote your blog post. There’s a two-step version to promotion.

(1) Tell people who would be interested about the post.

(2) Find ways to let those people subscribe to your content.

Let’s go ahead and get into the weeds of promotion.


You won’t need a huge audience for this. You just need to reach people that matter.

Look at your blog post.

Who are mentioned?

If you wrote about a company, a restaurant, another blog, etc., let them know. All you need to do is send them a quick message.


I recently visited your restaurant. I liked the experience so much that I wrote about it. I thought that you might like to know. Here’s the link à

Feel free to share it.



Generally, these people would be happy to hear from you and would enthusiastically share your post to their followers. It’s important to remember that anyone with a social media account has an audience. Find ways to take advantage of that fact.

Grow your email newsletter

One of our biggest mistakes in Zerothreetwo was ignoring our newsletter subscribers for the first two years. Don’t make that mistake.

For many people, the email inbox is still a sacred place. If you can find your way in there, that’s the most efficient way to get people to read your posts.

But the younger generation doesn’t use email anymore?!? Actually that’s not true. They may not check it as often, but as soon as they hit the work force, email is king again. Look at the Instagram pages of the insta-famous-folks, chances are they have their email addresses in their bio.

The most important part about growing a newsletter, get their permission to subscribe. Don’t just grab email addresses and subscribe them in the newsletter. That will annoy them and you’ll find many of your emails hitting the SPAM folder.

You need their permission first. When people want to hear from you, they will subscribe to your newsletter. Read more about permission marketing from the master, Seth Godin.

The biggest advantage of running a blog is making it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

For Zerothreetwo, our newsletter subscribers get unique content in the form of Monday Musings. Subscribe here.

Learn different tactics to grow your newsletter. A good place to start is this article called 25 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List.

Social Media

With new social media channels popping out every year, we’ve decided to keep this portion of the guide simple.

Here are a few rules of thumb:

  • It’s better to be really good in one social media channel then mediocre in five of them. Choose a medium that fits your topic and skillset then stick to it.
  • Talk to people. Social media is not about pushing your message out. It’s about making a connection.
  • Be consistent. Similar to blogging. Commit to a schedule.
  • Be authentic. Show who you are as a person.
  • Stay on brand. Figure out what your brand represents and post based on that. It’s tempting to post cat memes just to get shares and likes. But that doesn’t make sense if your topic is about cars. Look for the content that will resonate with your followers, but also relevant to your brand.
  • The quality of your followers depends on how you get them. One of the mistakes we made very early on with Facebook was running a contest without really knowing the consequences. Long story short, we ended up with a good number of fake followers. In the end, this hurt us when Facebook moved to the algorithmic feed. Always get organic followers.
  • In short, no fake followers. It’s useless and possibly detrimental to your account.
  • Share your blog posts on social media more than once.

Guest posting

Guest posting can be a great way to get a wider audience. Admittedly, it’s not something we’ve done in Zerothreetwo. One limitation is there aren’t many local sites that allow for guest posting.

As a result, we’ve opened the door for good content from other bloggers to get posted on our blog. We’ve had many bloggers submit their articles to our page. In return, we link back to their site.

Read more on guest posting, 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience.

Repurpose your content

A blog post can have a much longer shelf life than you think. After hitting publish, look at that post. What can you take away from the post and repurpose in different mediums?

In many cases, it could be as simple as copy pasting your post to different mediums. I like to maintain a account and republish almost everything I write in Zerothreetwo there. Follow me at @sobermusings.

If you’d like to be more creative, there are many different ways to repurpose content. Read more about it, How to Repurpose Your Blog Content Like a Machine.

The Zerothreetwo Checklist

We’ve talked about a few basic rules of promoting your content. Here’s a step by step guide of how Zerothreetwo promotes a blog post.

(1) Email the author who wrote the blog post. (We have plenty of guest authors and contributors)

(2) Email the photographer that we posted their photos.

(3) Send a message to the subjects of the blog posts (ie. Restaurants, hotels, personalities, etc.)

(4) Tell media who might be interested. Other blogs, newspapers, etc. (create a list of media/influencers/etc.)

(5) Post on social media,

  • On the day blog post came out – 1x Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • On the next day blog post came out – 1x Twitter and Tumblr
  • Seven days after blog post came out – 1x Facebook and Twitter

(6) Share on newsletter on Monday

(BONUS) Occasionally, we like to boost blog posts on Facebook, but we don’t advertise only when we feel like promoting. Some blog posts resonate more than others. If a post is already being shared and doing well without paid promotion, then we boost it. This ensures value for money when spending on promotion.

On the next…

Next week, chapter 5 of the Zerothreetwo Blogging Guide – Making money. There are many ways to make money with a blog. We’ll show you how we do it.

Till next week.


PS – If we missed anything or if you have any questions or if we should elaborate more on something, feel free to send us an email.


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