Here’s a chance to merge two cool things in one go.

Art and helping others.

We were invited to a gallery showing called Art for Bohol. The proceeds would be turned over to Gawad Kalinga in order to help rebuild the earthquake affected communities in Bohol.

Many of the artworks and prints were sold at prices that made us more than happy to help. Like, seriously.

I was just as happy to have a piece of awesome artwork as I was to help Bohol. Many of the pieces were just 200 pesos. That’s a steal! Awesome art lasts forever (assuming you buy a good frame). I can’t wait to hang this piece on a nice white wall.

Visit them at the Qube Gallery at the Henry Hotel. It’s on the way to Maria Luisa. The exhibit will be there till Saturday (10/26/13).


Here’s what I got! It’s called Dance, Dance, Dance by Johanna Velasco. This is from her Paper Crown Series. She’s one of the VERY talented artists at Happy Garaje. Now I just need a good frame!


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