This month we focus on a little Filipino pride. That’s something that’s easy to forget coming from Cebu.

For some reason, it’s easy to get caught in a bubble. It’s easy to forget that we are part of this big awesome archipelago. For many of us, me included, we think of ourselves as Cebuanos first and Filipinos second.

I’m not here to argue if this is a good or bad thing. Today, we just want to acknowledge the fact that yes – we love our country too. ZeroThreeTwo has focused mainly about stuff we like in Cebu,  but it’s important to remember the bigger picture. To remember that we are a part of something much bigger than we are.

That’s why this month’s release focuses on two things: 

– Acknowledging who we are as Filipinos.

– Poking fun at a little local colloquialism.

We hope you like it.

Here’s the official announcement of the  August 2014 ZeroThreeTwo shirt releases!

All shirts come in girl and guy cuts.

During the pre-order period, price will stay at P399, but will jump back up to regular price once we deliver at the beginning of September 2014.

You will be able to pre-order the shirts at The Assembly, click here.  

Every purchase from The Assembly allows ZeroThreeTwo to continue looking for the  awesome and sharing it with you. We hope you like what we do and wish for us to continue doing it. Your support means the world.

Here’s the first look at the ZeroThreeTwo August 2014 shirt releases:

philippine flag shirt

We all love the red, white, blue and yellow, but there are times for a little understated suave. You can pre-order the shirt, click here.

buang shirt

We guarantee that people will be doing a double take when they see the Buang. Pre-order the shirt, click here.

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