“Street photography is documenting humanity.” – Eric Kim


Submit your Street Photography photos for the #PDVisualStorytelling November edition. Submission period is from November 1-25, 2015.

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Complete the entry form and submit it together with your high-res photo to banawebaybaycorvera@gmail.com. Use this as the e-mail subject: “#PDVisualStorytelling (month) Submission” – insert the month that your chosen category belongs to.

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Here are a few definitions of Street Photography to provide clarity:


“On the street, you don’t have a backdrop, no seamless, no directing of light. The world is your backdrop and you have to figure out how to frame your subjects within the space they and you inhabit. This means paying attention to the light, to buildings, to walls, to negative space.” – Your Shot. National Geographic


“Street photography does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. Though people usually feature directly, street photography might be absent of people and can be an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.” – Wikipedia


Remember to send your high-res photo and caption/story to banawebaybaycorvera@gmail.com with the subject: “#PDVisualStorytelling November Submission.”




October Best Photo Story

Bontoc Mt. Province by Led Danganan

Name: Led Danganan (ledsetgo.tumblr.com)

Location: Bontoc, Mountain Province


The sun has climbed past mountain level by now and has completely melted the sweet colours of dawn. Yet shroud of fog seems unperturbed by warmth the sun emits and takes no heed of time as it unhurriedly rolls out to expose what lies below.

Like a stage with its drapes being slowly pulled aside for the main act, at last we welcome the sight with astonishment then with an applause of successive shutter clacks.

We are before the grace of another ancient engineering feat in the Cordillera, a revered art. A place many people might not recognize but even so radiates distinct charm and astounding quality. No less comely, no any less proud.


2nd placer, Best Photo Story

Heavy Bodies

Title: Heavy Bodies
Submitted by: Waking Life

The universe bears down on you, staring you right in the face; the only thought that spins in your mind is the inevitable consequence of trying to face your uncertainties.

The winds carry the ocean to shore and the planets pull at each other’s gravity; heavy bodies dragged by a life’s worth of contempt — much like the thoughts that you list down, carving your regrets onto your palm with deep wounds so you never forget them. You let in as much light into the camera as you can, like how your pupils dilate in the darkness.

“You make me feel like the universe is inside me.”

And at that precise moment, you decided that he had to know.


3rd placer, Best Photo Story


Name: Dandeljane Maraat
Location: Cebu City, Cebu
Photo Story:


Close your eyes. Breathe in the salty air of the Siargao sea and let your spirit run free through the shore. Listen closely to the waves as she calls your name — inviting and tempting. The rough sea wants you closer, beyond the sand and shore. Feel her longing in the vibrations of the sand underneath your feet. Focus on the sound of the waves slamming against the shore and let your heartbeat sync. Let the rhythm carry you way past Cloud 9. Step into the water; give in to the urge. Now, open your eyes, ride the waves, and escape into a new world with her.

Banawe Corvera

Photography as a means of self-expression can be quite a revelation. I’ve watched myself unravel through photographs and get lost in the moment of documenting subjects. I believe there are more beautiful visual stories out there, and that any one of you has a special memory that’s worth sharing through photographs. –Banawe, Photo Diaries


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