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UP Cookout: A night of fun and social relevance

Don’t miss out on the biggest event in UP Cebu this November 10!

The UP Cookout is an annual festivity that runs from dusk ‘til dawn. This year’s Cookout is themed GUNS N ROSES, focusing on how to address the different types of violence prevalent in society.

The Challenges of an Art Party

The video wasn’t playing. I turned to my co-organizers and looked at their worried faces. We should have tested them on the projector before the show. I couldn’t help, but notice the awkward silence. There was only one thing left to do, show an audience of seventy people the video through a 14 inch laptop screen.

This is one of the challenges with Art Party

A little fun with our Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

All the bottles scurried in the corner. Scared to get their heads chopped off. We took them one by one and lined them up to the Kinkajou. As they were waiting, they wondered,

What did we do wrong?

We did our jobs as holders of liquid.


Circle Zip Hoodie Black Lookbook

Can you feel that? Cebu is starting to get cold. With the torrential rain and the chilly ber months coming, Cebu is seeing a little less sun and a lot more clouds, not to mention all that time spent in a chilly office. Are you in need of a little warmth? We’ve got...

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