Let’s talk about the fight for a bit. For those of you shaking your heads and asking, “What fight?”  Manny Pacquiao won on a majority decision, allowing him to retain the WBO welterweight championship, against Juan Manuel Marquez. It was not just another boxing match. There was controversy and it showed in the interwebs.

This is what we’ve gathered.

–          Many felt Marquez deserved to win while even more felt Pacquiao did not have his best match.

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–          This prompted Freddie Roach to tweet the compubox results showing Pacquiao landed many more punches than Marquez.

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–          Bob Arum was the clear winner, setting up another Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV.

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–          But Marquez was not without fault. He was counter punching the whole fight and that’s not how you win a title fight.

“In a title fight, you can’t conquer the fort with defense.” – Paolo Cabrera, Facebook comment.

If Manny indeed won that fight, why did everyone have mixed feelings? To be honest, once the final bell rang, we weren’t expecting a Filipino win. We were as surprised as any to hear, “… and STILL WBO welterweight champion of the world.” It’s great that Manny won. But we felt deflated, it didn’t feel right. This was the first time we weren’t ecstatic about a Pacman win.

But as Marc Canton, a Facebook commenter noted, “Our expectations have been raised because of Pacquiao’s dramatic wins prior to this fight.. It seems we won’t be satisfied without a knock down or a knock out… So yes, the win didn’t seem convincing to me because as an avid fan I was spoiled by Pacquiao!”

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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