Big thanks to everyone who read our post “ZeroThreeTwo Joins Tatt Awards” and suggested blogs for us to nominate. We looked at all the comments and gave the blogs our own serious consideration. The criteria were simply:

– It had to be updated. Dead blogs are scary.

– Our own personal preferences and biases… Clearly there was not much thought to the criteria.

– In the end, we can’t nominate everyone. But actually anybody can nominate anybody. So go to the Tatt Awards page and nominate your friend’s blog or even yourselves (I personally think that’s what Globe expects). There’s a sweet cash prize if you win.

Here are our nominees:

Bethany and Foc Fashion – We just love listening to the music of these bands. Rock and roll!

Kryz Uy – When I mentioned her to our interns, they literally went style bonkers. “She just knows how to put things together. It’s like… art.”

Bored and Crafty – I just discovered this blog (today!). I feel like if I were the crafty type (I’m not), I could get so many cool ideas from this corner of the web. Posts about DIY projects and even a painted poster of my personal favorite mantra, “Get s*** done.

Sinugbang Sugbo – If you don’t know this guy, you probably don’t even have Twitter. Next.

EAZY Traveler – Want to venture out of Cebu? Freelance travel photographer and Cebuano, Eazy, will show you the way.

Cebu Tech Blogger – Unlike other tech blogs, I don’t feel like this blog was written by a robot. Expect personal commentary and even local tech events to help satisfy your gadget lust.

Cebu sports Blog – Here’s another discovery for us! Sports columnist John Pages has a blog.

There are many photoblogs that we personally like. It was difficult to narrow down so we decided to vote three in:

Banawe – This blog is her life in lovely photo goodness.

My Cebu Photo Blog – Leylander, as he is called, is a prolific photographer taking pictures of our favorite island, Cebu.

Tikboy – Beautiful portfolio type photos. Put on some music and just browse through the sparkling photos.

Special mention – Buangathisguy. We don’t know what category to place him because there’s no manyak nga wala’y lingaw category. BTG we love you!

You blog not up there? Nominate yourself.

Here’s what you missed in the ZeroThreeTwo:

–          Sprockets the artist’s café.

–          My first wipe out with Aframe Clothing.

–          Sing your heart out at Song Hits.

–          Winners of “How Can You Make a Better Cebu?”

–          Temple run in Taoist Temple.

–          Here‘s why we launched a store. Check out the Assembly!


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