The Veranda’s new location by the Maria Luisa road opened with a splash on Friday, September 2. Good music was served up by both Johnnie and DJ Ace Ramos, keeping guests entertained — and dancing into the early hours of the morning. It was definitely packed that night, and I don’t imagine that the crowds are going to thin all that much. Cars were lined on both sides of the road all the way up to the Maria Luisa gate and down the side streets as well.

Despite the number of people (it was standing room for some that night) the atmosphere was comfortable thanks to the combination of air conditioning and fresh air. Folks — like me — who don’t like being directly in front of aircon units don’t need to worry as that position is taken up by those who really need the cool — the band and DJ!

My favorite feature is the namesake verandah. Here in the Philippines we are blessed with a night time temperature that is perfect for outdoor seating all year round, and The Veranda takes advantage of this to very good effect by making that a big portion of their floor space. The sound level outside was just right for my kind of soirĂ©e — conversation was comfortable yet the music came through very clearly and could be enjoyed as well. The interior of course catered to the majority that like being right in it. All in all an elegant way to have the best of both worlds.

I was happy with the drinks served, but then again my companions and I stuck to scotch and beer. Judging from the rate mixed drinks were being emptied I feel confident saying that the other patrons were happy with their drinks as well. The food being served was appetizing, and while presentation is not always thought about in other places, I am pleased to say that The Veranda came through in this regard. Add in an attentive and friendly staff and you’ve got the makings of a superior venue, and when I left it was with the satisfaction of a night enjoyed.

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