We’ve all read articles on who to vote for this election. This is not one of those. It’s an open letter on who shouldn’t get your vote.

First a little background, I’m just an ordinary guy who was born on 1987. I’m a millennial. I have experienced the government under Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo, and Aquino. Personally, I believe that the current administration is the best amongst the four. It’s not a perfect one, but it’s been the most sincere in trying to limit corruption. I’m writing this (even if I have no writing background) because I feel I have an obligation to try to influence my fellow millennials. I’m writing this because I fear that if I keep quiet then the future of our country will be full of uncertainty. I’m writing this because I don’t want a Binay-Marcos administration in the next 6 years.

For discussion purposes let’s assume the candidates for President and VP will have a good to very good performance on all the work they do for the next six years if elected. But like coaches on a basketball team, no matter how brilliant they are, the results of the game will ultimately depend on the players which are us, the PEOPLE. This is the foundation of a democratic society. Not a single person can change our country. We all need to do our part.

Although the President or Vice-President alone can’t change the country by themselves, I believe they should at the very least be HONEST AND SINCERE in their intentions to serve the country. At the same time, humble and wise enough to accept that they are not always right.

Which brings me to Binay and Bong Bong, why won’t I vote for them? Here are my reasons. Both of them have the worst possible issues a candidate can have; Binay – Corruption and Bong Bong – Dictatorship background. If your reasoning is that it’s better for someone corrupt but very effective in implementation of programs to make our country just like Singapore then look at Singapore.  Do their leaders have a history of rampant corrupt?

If we look at the other candidates and gauge their worst issues and weaknesses, none will compare to Binay and Marcos. Back to the basketball analogy, they are like players who don’t pass. Pure buaya. They may score a lot of points, but their teams hardly win. That’s why I won’t vote for them. I’d rather have a mediocre President than have a corrupt president or dictator for the next six years.

We are already starting to become one of the emerging economies in the ASEAN region and I believe the next few years will be better if we DON’T VOTE for BINAY and BONG BONG.

So to all of you reading this, please don’t vote for them.

Vote for anyone else.


-Ordinary Millennial Guy



Ralph Mangune

Just an ordinary millennial guy



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