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It’s been a while guys.

We first wrote about Honeydrop in 2013. The new song Once is a sound of a band that has grown up, but at the same time, kept key parts of their roots intact. Their unique chill style is intact, but it doesn’t sound like they need to try as hard.

At first listen, Once sounds like a straight no frills chill song, but upon closer inspection, there are lots of layers there; the subtle guitar licks, the drum pauses, the droning bass that pops out at just the right moments, the quiet confident vocals. So much subtlety in this three minute beauty.

More and more, our local artists continue to surprise me. Don’t ever say you can’t find good music in our shores. The music is there. You just need to go out and look for the bands.

In Cebu, we’re experiencing a lack of good venues and therefore an absence of a true economy for artists. Fortunately, the most important ingredient is there, the music.

I urge you to give these guys a listen. Then search for their next song, then the next and the next. Once you listen to all their songs, look for even more local music you can love. It’s a trickle-down effect that needs to happen. Once these artists see they can get people to listen, then venues will take notice, then concert promoters will be forced to change their ways, then who knows? Maybe we can finally have music artists in Cebu making a living doing what they love.

It has to start somewhere.





Carlo Villarica

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