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We’re finally done with 2017. This was a big year, not only professionally, but personally for me. This year, the wife and I were blessed with another beautiful son. We now have two kids, Manu and Matti. This is cliche, but they do grow up so fast. Manu is shaping up to be a wonderful little boy and is giving us glimpses of what he might be when he grows up. Matti is still a few months old, apart from his adorable smile and quiet ways, only time will tell what he is like. Lucky for us, Matti has made the transition of having one kid to two easy. It’s still difficult, but it is easier than it could have been. Manu seems to have taken a liking to being an older brother. The most adorable part is when Manu strokes his hand over Matti’s head and says, “It’s okay brother.” They’ve both added so much spark to our lives.

Anyway on to the Zerothreetwo milestones.

While 2016 was a huge year because it marked the first time Zerothreetwo became a full fledged business and not just a sideline diversion, 2017 was a year of grinding it out and learning to keep going. It was a year of new faces coming and going, a year of growing pains, a year of keeping the ship afloat.

I wish I could say we grew by leaps and bounds, but that’s not true. It was more like a slow and steady climb. 2017 was still a much better year than 2016, in fact we grew our revenue by about 70%, but personally I was hoping for much more. For now, this will do and I’m happy to have the opportunity to spend every day doing something I love.


News of The Assembly

In early 2017, we were forced to close The Assembly in JY Square. We learned a lot, and our resolve to have a full fledged store is even stronger.

With every setback, there is a silver lining. The closure allowed us to put renewed focus on The Assembly Online. Expect to see much more from the online store for 2018.

The extra leeway from the closure also allowed us to open a small office for the staff and a place to storage all the Zerothreetwo merch. This has made working so much easier and more productive.


200,000 visitors

For three years in a row, we’ve had more than 200,000 visitors on the blog. That’s not even counting the thousands of people we’ve reached via Facebook, Instagram and our weekly newsletter.

I’m still boggled by the number of people paying attention to what we do. It’s incredible that a little blog like ours can find an audience. To think that this would not have been possible when I was in high school is a crazy thing for me.

I used to collect all sorts of magazines, when I decluttered, I probably had to throw out hundreds of various magazines. I’ve always fantasized about creating a magazine and the blog was the next best thing.

Thank you for reading.


Number of Visitors, Sold Shirts and Brand Partners: A Look Back at Our 2017 - Zerothreetwo - Carlo Villarica

1000 sold

By the time 2017 ends, our estimates show that we would have sold almost a thousand pieces of Zerothreetwo clothing. Despite the closure of The Assembly JY, we were still able to sell roughly the same number of pieces from 2016.

That’s not necessarily good news. Our goal for 2017 was to sell two thousand pieces of clothing. We were well short of our goal.

To start January, we are going to blog about our 2018 goals, expect to see the two thousand number mentioned again.

Here’s a rundown of all the Zerothreetwo releases for 2017:

Fire Dad Hat

Transparent Circle

Puso Dad Hats Vol. 2

Circle Zip Hoodie Black

Classic Collection

Circle Zip Hoodie Grey

Puso Dad Hats

Circle Summer Collection

Vincent Eco – I Know You Do

Green Zerothreetwo Cap

Puso Collection


Zerothreetwo Agency

The bulk of the Zerothreetwo business is digital marketing for brand partners. We’ve been lucky to have brand partners that are legitimately good companies.

Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to say in a public forum who exactly we have partnered with for the digital marketing.

To give you a hint of who our partners are, you can look at our services page and see if any of the photos look familiar.



Every year, I promise to have more events, but it is usually the first thing on the wayside. We simply don’t have the bandwidth for events.

But 2017 was a little different.

Two of my cousins approached me and wanted to do a project called Art Party. The goal was to simply get people together for a night of varied performances and art. For 2017, we had two such nights. They were wonderful and embodied the spirit of what Zerothreetwo is trying to do. The blog after all is all about putting people together and showing the world what they can do.

Art Party turned out to be one of those events that does all that. Every Art Party is different, each one is special in its own way, each one has its own set of challenges and mistakes, but both end with a special feeling of inspiration and wonder. Hopefully we see more people sharing their art with us.

First Art Party Recap – Tension in the First Art Party

Second Art Party Recap – The Challenges of an Art Party

For three years in a row, we’ve organized a photo walk called Meet the Streets. 2017 was different because it turned out to be more of a trek than a walk. It was the first time we visited the Buhisan Mountains, the first time we trekked down a mountain stream, the first time we saw the Buhisan Dam, the first time we did a trek with the intention of taking pictures.

It was difficult to say the least.

What I Learned Trekking Down the Buhisan Mountains



None of this would have been possible without the people behind the curtain working endlessly.

Here is the list of everyone who has contributed in some way to Zerothreetwo for 2017. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully we have more projects in the future.

Carlo Villarica (that’s me!)

Jake Maningo

Scott Pacaldo

Rae Cabradilla

Donald Villamero

Karla Rule

Kristiana Rule

Shaira Berame

Monica Villarica

Melissa Borromeo

Martin Tabanag

Rusty Jorbina

Karen Lepiten

Cattski Espina

That ends our 2017. See you next year. Thanks again for coming along for the ride.


Carlo Villarica

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