Cebuanos are a creative bunch. And we can prove it!

Here are some of the best photos from the November Photo a Day challenge. Also if you want to join this month’s challenge, we already posted the daily themes for the December Photo a Day challenge.

Here’s the list of daily themes for November:

1. Halloween
2. Cemetary
3. Something you adore
4. Makes you smile
5. Monday blues
6. Flower pop
7. Coffee
8. Self-portrait
9. Bestfriend
10. Green
11. Throwback Sunday
12. City lights
13. Favorite spot
14. Chill
15. View from here

16. Friday, I’m in love
17. Beach
18. Childhood memories
19. Busy day
20. Where I stand
21. Double
22. Buildings
23. A family member
24. What I wear
25. Church
26. Work
27. Wish list
28. Group shot
29. Street
30. Christmas is in the air


Do you see your photo there?

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