From now on, things are going to be a little different for Zerothreetwo. Expect slight changes to what we’ll be blogging about. We’re going to explain more on a later blog post, but one of the biggest differences is we’re going to show you more of who we are.

When we started the site, we didn’t want the content to be too personal. Part of it was we were scared about opening ourselves up on the web. It takes a certain level of courage to let out all your dreams, hopes and warts out in public.

2015 is going to be different. You might read a little bit more about our regular contributors, you might hear about our struggles and you might even be compelled to share your story with us. We would love to hear more from you.

To get started with the new more personalized direction of Zerothreetwo, I’m posting a little photo recap of my 2014.

First off, my name is Carlo Villarica – Editor at large in Zerothreetwo. I like taking photos. This was my year.

*All photos shot either by my Motorola Moto G or my Olympus OM-D E-M5.

Bohol sunset

This is no secret… We like the beach. This is the December sunset view from Bohol Beach Club.


Early in the year, we spent a few days in Boracay to recharge. Despite the crowds, I never get tired of this place.


This is the boardwalk at Dumaguete.

Bohol Beach Club

Looking forward to more beach trips for 2015.


Hong Kong never disappoints. Next time we go, we hope to spend more time in the Hong Kong side. Ala The Hundreds.

Seoul South Korea

First time in Seoul South Korea. Awesome experience. Incredibly hot food and lots of shopping for the ladies.

Seoul South Korea

Doesn’t matter where you go. Whether it’s a totally different country or a part of your city that you’ve never been, it’s always good to visit some place new.

North Korea

Beyond that cloudy wall is North Korea. Anyone seen the Interview?

cebu wakeboarding

My new thing for 2014 was wake skating. I would go once a week to get better and enjoy the water. That is until…


Carlo in a cast

This happened. Broke my Fibula. More on that on a future post.


Take the cast away

Possibly the most relieved I was all year was when they finally removed the cast from my leg.

The Assembly in JY Square Lahug cebu

Along the way, Zerothreetwo opened our first store. It’s a small step towards the ultimate goal of having a full fledged store, but in the meantime, this kiosk in JY Square will do. So far so good.

Halloween Cebu 2014

I should mention that Halloween is my favorite time of year. This year we tried out the Mandaue Horror Booth. It was EPIC.

New Year 2015

Finally, New Year’s Eve is always a fun affair.

STARLO   1150IMG_5632

Of course, I can’t talk about 2014 without mentioning my wedding. The lady beside that lucky schmuck is Steph Senires-Villarica. Suffice to say, it was an awesome year. Photo by Rainbowfish.



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