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A big part of our lives revolve around our devices. For many of us, checking our phones is a reflex upon waking up in the morning. Are you guilty of that? Sometimes, it can be really overwhelming! As someone who lives and breathes in the online world, it is difficult to put that phone down. I have decided to make sure that my phone is not filled with shitty apps.  They used to say that you shouldn’t settle for three things in life: shitty coffee, shitty friends and shitty men/women. Let’s make that four then!

Don’t settle for apps that are not helpful and useful to you.  Just like your social media walls, the kind of apps you have on your mobile phone tells a lot about you.  Of course, it’s not always true for everyone but still, it’s necessary that we make good use of the device we have by filling it with sensible stuff. It shouldn’t just be about taking snaps, trying cool filters and catching Pikachu.


These are some of my personal favorite apps. I hope you find them useful too. I am an Apple user but many of these apps are also available on Android.

  1. Google Maps

Whether you are driving or taking a cab, you never know when you might need this. Although there may be other navigation maps, Google maps is one of the easiest to use.  You won’t stress yourself out. It’s almost as simple as ABC.


  1. Dropbox

When I was travelling, I found it inconvenient to carry hard copies of my required paper work. I saved everything in Dropbox – it basically saves what you have in the cloud so you can access it anywhere. When someone wanted to see my files, it was easily accessible and organized in my phone. This is also a common tool used at work because it makes file sharing and saving so easy.


  1. MyFitnessPal

I have one but I’ll admit that I have not been religiously following the goals set by this calorie counter, but I have a number of friends who have had a lot of success using this app.  In my case, it’s very helpful in making me think twice before ordering too many sweets. One time, I was craving for this brownie but when I checked its calorie count, 455 calories! I immediately passed.


  1. Kindle

Although bringing a book would be nice, it’s way more convenient to access your favorite reads through Kindle. This is applicable when you are moving around a lot or travelling. I like to have different book selections.  Sometimes, I feel the need to read something light but there are also times when I feel like reading history books or books with more complex topics. I can fit all the books I want in one app.


  1. VSCOcam

This one is no secret! Every photo enthusiast or Instagram feed obsessed has this.  Most bloggers I know have it as well. If you want to take your mobile photography to the next level, this is the magic tool.


  1. Spotify

Bring your music anywhere. No other explanation needed.


  1. TripIt

Planning to travel? Don’t miss any flights, trains, etc. This app generates the itinerary for you. I found it incredibly helpful especially when travelling alone especially when in a different country with a different language. It’s like a travel buddy who gives you reminders.


  1. Mint

What kind of spender are you? I don’t have an incredible gift in budgeting which is why Mint is a must have.  I’m sure you have used other similar apps but what I like Mint is its interface – clean and user friendly!


  1. CameraScanner

There are times when we randomly need to scan documents. It gets frustrating when you have to find a scanner especially when you are not home. I have had this for a while but every time I use it, I’m still so grateful.


  1. Menstrual Calendar

Obviously, this is for the ladies! A monitoring app is essential especially if you have irregular period dates or closely monitoring your fertile days. For guys, you might want to have this so you will know when your girlfriend or wife’s PMS attacks!


  1. Calm

When stress starts to sink in, I make use of this. It important to silent our minds amidst all the noises we hear in our homes, office, etc. This helps me meditate and even fall asleep.


  1. Whatsapp

I think Viber is more popular here in the Philippines but I personally prefer Whatsapp. It’s also the one mostly used in Europe. Communication apps vary per location like South Korea mainly uses KakaoTalk. I just find Whatsapp easier to use but of course, this depends on your personal preference.



I’m certain there are many other useful apps that are not in this list. I have not included the apps I use for work such as Slack and Asana. I also listen to a number of Podcasts. My new habit is listening to them before sleeping. I’m currently addicted to Sophia Amoruso’s #girlboss.  The long list goes on and I’ll have to put it in another post!

So tell us what are other helpful and useful apps do you use?


Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. See her adventures at her website.

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