I was not very interested in the Cinema One Originals: Cebu Filmfest, but went to watch due to a friend’s persistence. It turns out I have a lot to thank that person for dragging me along one fateful weeknight for the film My Paranormal Romance.

Starred by the beautifully quirky Phoebe Kaye Fernandez and two of the cutest male young actors in the local show business industry, Van Roxas and Paul Jake Castillo, My Paranormal Romance definitely was beyond expectations. Phoebe seemed like the perfect girl for the role since her kikay-ness and kalog attributes were authentic all throughout. Van also impressed. I haven’t seen him in other acting stints, but the way he handled his role and played up to it really earned my respect. After all, the hardest part of acting is making your audience laugh. That is something both actors succeeded in.

In addition to the two, the other actors also shined in their roles. My personal favorite, the ultimate villain Kuya Edgar, portrayed by the experienced and, I must say, highly talented Publio Brioness III. He made me laugh and angry at the same time. With such a complex character to play, no doubt Mr. Briones is a master of his craft.

Nothing can beat the Bra Moments. The Brassiere Sa Kangitngit (Bra of Darkness) made me laugh so hard, I ended up crying. After its failure in killing Merry, the lead female role played by Phoebe, it boarded a taxi back to Mandaue and complained, complete with curses, about the high taxi fare. It found its way back to the villain, who bought it online, and lovingly declared how the purchase came with a karma-back guarantee before attacking the shocked Kuya Edgar.

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate the genius behind the film’s storyline. It was relevant, hilarious, fun and definitely worth all the costs to watch the film. The best thing about this movie is how the Cebuano dialect is used all throughout. The audience, including me, was able to completely relate to the language. The movie also shared a message of love, of being true to oneself, and of the real difficulties in life – such as poverty.

The movie is the first Bisaya full length film that I have taken the time to watch, but it is definitely not going to be the last. With the good feelings and pride that My Paranormal Romance brought to me and to the Cebuanos who watched it, I am confident and highly anticipating what the Bisdak filmmakers and talents will be cooking for another true-blue Cebuano filmfest (next year perhaps).

*Photos from My Paranormal Romance official website.


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