The email subject line read, “Hey! It’s Your Birthday – Songs and Lyrics.” I was confused. It wasn’t my birthday, but sure enough, when I opened the email, there were a few gifts. Little mp3 files nicely wrapped for my listening pleasure.

When I pressed play, it seemed like the music knew the weather and sounded accordingly. Slow and introspective, I found myself staring out the window watching the rain pitter patter on the grass as the songs played in the background. It was a cloudy grey morning, a welcome respite from the sunny barrage of summer.

Contradictory to the jumpy band name, Hey! It’s Your Birthday is not a band you typically play on your once a year celebration. Rather, you listen to enjoy the dawdle. Like the rain after an unusually hot sunny day, it was a welcome sound from the barrage of the everyday grind.

An oddly calming feeling came over me that morning.

Not a bad start to a good day.

Not a bad birthday gift.

“Hey Buddy” is Hey! It’s Your Birthday’s latest song release.

More music at their soundcloud account.

Follow Hey! It’s Your Birthday on Instagram. You’ll be treated to visual renditions inspired by their music.

The launching of their album will take place at the Full Moon Recreation Center on June 11 at 8pm. It’s located at JBlock Bldg., Apitong St., Kamputhaw. It’s one block away from parklane.

Get updates from the band by checking the official hashtag “#hiyb”.

Bandmembers are Karl Lucente (Guitar), Anne Amores (Vocalist + Guitar), Faith Bernardes (Keyboard), Katrena Malicay (Bass), Lester Infiesto (Drums). 


*Artwork in header by Daniel Belcina from CLF, Grade 9.







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